Celebrate Kansas City Urban Core Tax???

Blight fight, biz investment and tax talk as we slouch toward the April election. Take a look:

Sales tax advocates say it's time for all of KC to support inner-city redevelopment

Advocates for a citywide one-eighth-cent sales tax on Kansas City's April 4 ballot want to spur economic development along Prospect Avenue, a central city stretch that has been deteriorating for decades. Some civic leaders question the timing given that voters also will see three major general obligation bond proposals on the ballot.


  1. Nice idea in theory, but it doesnt stop the shootings

  2. Fuck them! We have given them billions of dollars over the years and the problem is worse then ever.

  3. Looking like a great and safe place , throw alot more money down there , make it as safe as the Plaza shit hole on a weekend night !¡

  4. Another sham scam by the usual suspects. As if 800 million in go bond funding isn't enough, let's add more sales tax in to divert to the Perpetual Grifter's Network. Maybe the people supporting this should attend the NOVA job fair tomorrow. That would save taxpayers a shitload.

  5. Hey there above , so true ! WTF DO those shit stains at city hall want next ? How's about putting in a New Fairy Land amusement park & drive in movie like was there , like 25 years ago !¡ Complete with dope dealers and hookers ?

  6. What The Fuck?
    Hell No to this grifter wet dream..

    Get a damn job, Gayle Holiday. Fucking damn, just go get a Legitimate Job. What the hell? You have been sucking money from the old Freedom Corridor for DECADES!! Jesus Christ, stop it old lady. Enough!
    Just go get yourself​ an honest job!

    Then we have good old Tindal. Shit, ain't that enough of a reason to say hell no? Tindal keep yourself happy by continuing to fiddle with Combat Money. You and Nunnelly are in deep can't you be satisfied with that honey pot?
    My God, Clinton Adams and Gwen Grant are in on this? Lock the doors!!!

  7. Outside of sushi bars and dives' with alcohol, it's hard to make much money at business. The's not much traffic for anything in KC. Go over to JOCO and see how we thrive. It's amazing that these "shit stains" at city hall have the balls to ask for money and everyone feels obliged to do what ever they say. This is how your KC tax dollarsa re spent. Frivorisly, stupidly , and ridicously. People at city hall who ask for these things have a college edu. This is what your education does for you.

  8. You can't throw money at black people, its been proven over and over again it will just be wasted. Capitalism abhors a vacuum, if there was money to be made in legitimate business in the East side, the businesses would already be there.

  9. If you think throwing money at a predominantly black neighborhood that NO other race can go to and enjoy will fix a problem, then maybe you haven't seen the predominantly black city government in order to understand


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