Sadly, the only solution to rising crime in Kansas City is the hope of finding political patronage employment. Take a look:

KC NoVA and community partners hold job fair

The Kansas City No Violence Alliance has partnered with numerous community leaders, including Missouri State Senator S. Kiki Curls, to help prepare for job opportunities in the Kansas City area, including persons with multiple barriers to employment.

Individuals seeking employment should plan to attend the job fair Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at the Emmanuel Community Center located at 3510 Prospect Ave, KCMO. The Job Fair is from at 9:00 a.m. til 12:00 p.m. Pre- employment services were provided Tuesday, March 21, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The services included resume writing, mock interview preparation, successful job application completion, free haircuts, clothing..

The Kansas City No Violence Alliance is a collaboration of law enforcement with community to reduce violence in the community. The partners include the Kansas City Police Department, the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office, the U.S. Attorney's office, Missouri Board of Probation and Parole, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. For this Job and Resource Fair, other partners included Office of Senator S. Kiki Curls, Connecting for Good, Uplift, Catholic Charities, Metro Barber College, House of Heavilin Beauty College and Connections to Success.

It is the intent of this collaborative effort to address the systemic cycle of high unemployment in high crime areas - while building relations in the community.


  1. Kiki Curls could sign up some of her family for this event.

  2. Job appications are like Negro repellant.

  3. If these boons and sheboons wanted jobs they'd walk in the door of any business in KCMO most of whom have help wanted signs all over the doors and windows. Nope. They'd rather shoplift, burglarize, rob and scam these same stores.

  4. How many TENS OF MILLIONS of taxpayers' dollars are already spent on "job training", resume writing, and all the rest.
    The "Full Employment Council" blows through millions all on its own, and with virtually no serious results.
    If people want work they can scan the web at the library, make a few calls on their cells, and take the bus OUT of their KCMO neighborhoods to get to where businesses are looking for employees every day.
    The "anti-crime" programs always end up having picnics, job fairs, and "community events", and printing yard signs after it becomes painfully obvious to all that their effectiveness at curbing violence and homicides without actually addressing the source of those issues is doomed to failure.
    NoVa has been a joke from the beginning and is now just another worthless program that will never go away.
    Meanwhile, KCMO is on track for another year of 125+ murders.

  5. The Federal Government should make ALL recipients of EBT/SNAP etc etc etc, show up to collect their checks in places like this.


    WORKFARE should replace Welfare.

    If you are home, waiting for your check, you could be doing something, ANYTHING, picking up trash, answering phones, ANYTHING, other than sitting on your ass, doing your best Byron Fuckmehowser imitation.

    Work, any work, is noble.

    Embrace it.

  6. #225. This year.

  7. TMCBH has stopped giving drugs to the poor and insane. Less to zero drugs for the crazies. No housing for them. To the streets and shelters they go. Talk to your Governor. And politicians about that. More workers lives at stake as well as non-consumers. welcome to the Party. Hello violence our old friend.

  8. FYI...the FBI, ATF & the US Marshall's Service have all pulled out of KC NOVA and took their federal funding with them. Look into that one Tony.

  9. Your tax dollars at work ...and as history has shown your dollars will be the only damn thing that is working in that organization.

  10. Fucking joke! This was created by the same man who promoted the captain of the Juvenile unit to major over the same unit after they were found to not be handling cases. That put him over the violent crimes unit as well and we saw how that turned out.


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