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Hottie London Andrews and her pioneering work in "body acceptance" has made us feel just a bit luckier this evening as we compile some of the most important Kansas City mainstream media links for right now . . . Take a peek:

Hard Times Continue For Local Rail

Mexico Threatens to Derail Kansas City Southern

Mexican regulators have accused Kansas City Southern ( KSU) and miner Grupo Mexico of abusing their power on the nation's private railway system. In a preliminary report, Mexico's federal competition commission alleged that the two companies are setting inflated prices, restricting supply and blocking access to their extensive networks.

Kansas City Urban Core Justice
Victim identified in March 6 double shooting in Northeast
Cheapskate Kansas City Pro-Sports Cuts

Source: Chiefs revamp LB Johnson's salary

The Kansas City Chiefs, who were tight to the salary cap, have agreed to a pay cut with linebacker Derrick Johnson, a league source told ESPN's Field Yates. Johnson was due a base salary of $4.75 million for 2017 and up to $1 million in per-game roster bonuses.

Tragic Crash Aftermath

Two children killed in crash after driver speeds away from minor fender bender

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two children are dead and two adults are in the hospital after a crash near 12th and Ewing in Kansas City Friday morning. It all started as a minor fender bender between that car and another vehicle, but when the driver tried to speed away, he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a utility pole.

Show-Me The New Boss

At the halfway mark, Missouri GOP legislators tout session's successes -- and promise more

Missouri lawmakers wrapped up the first half of the 2017 legislative session having achieved the session's top priority: making Missouri a right-to-work state. Gov. Eric Greitens, a Republican, signed Senate Bill 19 into law last month. It bars labor unions and employers from requiring workers to pay dues and fees as a condition for employment.

Rock Chalk Bi-Partisan Push Back

Kansas Lawmakers Working To Reverse Brownback Medicaid Cuts

With all of the talk in recent years about Kansas' budget problems, it can be hard to keep track of what programs have been cut and by how much. So, some Kansans may not remember that last summer Gov. Sam Brownback ordered more than $56 million in cuts to KanCare, the state's privatized Medicaid program.

Sound Of Kansas City Irish

Kansas City Musician Considers O'Malley's 'Home' - Especially On St. Patrick's Day

For more than three decades, musician Bob Reeder has played weekly gigs - singing Irish folk songs and bawdy limericks - in an underground pub in Weston, Missouri. O'Malley's is roughly 50 feet underneath the ground in a limestone brewery cellar built in 1842.

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  1. Better title: Begorrah! she's a mighty pretty hefty lass.

  2. Shes Ugly. Needs to knock off the beer and junk food.

  3. This new look is much better then that nausea inducing "link pool" crap.

    Credit where credit is due.

  4. Hopefully people finally wake up and realize that Sly and crew were bluffing all along, there will be no safety net to keep the KCMO economy from crashing down on top of everything in sight.

  5. She looks farty

  6. Midtown KC Chester3/17/17, 7:55 PM

    I'm sure she is and I want to sniff!

  7. Congrats to Gov Greitens and the Repubs!

    they've already helped stop the scamming of Democrat greedy union slobs, and Democrat greedy weasel trial lawywers.

    Go Greitens!

    1. Hi chuck. Why don't you have the balls to pst under your real name? A little FYI... you are the only one on here who posts this shit. Your so "fuckin" stupid you haven't figured it out yet

  8. I see London.
    I see France.
    I say London,
    Let's "dance"!

    6:56, we each have our preferences. Sooo, you wouldn't be the pot-bellied, spaghetti-limbed, snaggle-toothed simpleton with personality issues passing harsh judgements on the physical traits of others, now wouldya ,huh?

  9. Pale tails are hot!


    Q: What do you call London Andrews laying on a bed of brown bread?

    A: Corned beef on plump-her-nipple!!!

  11. Hi 9:09 AKA Suck. Why do you have such an obsession with Chuck, or anyone that you think is Chuck? You sound like one of those Hollywood stalkers, Suck.

  12. What was that game show when you had to guess the person ? #1 My name is Chuck #2 My name is Chuck #3 My name is Chuck Winner is # 2 You win a trip for two to the beautiful City of Fountains...Kansas City , MO. Heck, I think the show host might have been named Chuck(really)

  13. What's the matter Suck, are we getting under your skin?

  14. Hey Suck, TKC is a free speech forum. Trying to censor someone from voicing their opinion isn't going to go over well.

  15. I agree, chuck is a Nazi and a dumb as shit one to boot.

  16. ^^^^^. Nice faux comment to support yourself, Suck. NO ONE supports you.

  17. We have right wingers, left wingers, everything, on TKC. Everyone's got a right to express their opinions, no matter how stupid or looney. If this Suck guy is all offended by someone's opinion, he needs to go away rather than try to deny that someone's right to speak.


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