Better Urban Core Healthcare Also Lost In Broadening Kansas City Food Desert

This local columnist had endured some criticism but her defense of the Westport Thriftway is solid and her main argument deserves to be highlighted: "Grocery stores, especially in Kansas City, are community markers of health and health access."

While the solution might not be taxpayer subsidy of doomed projects attempting to mimic suburbanite luxury . . . There are innovators out there working to bridge this divide. Checkit: How Our Grocery Stores Connect to the Great Health Care Debate


  1. Beware fake innovators

  2. Do they have fresh Fukushima seasoned salmon and fresh organic oil dispersent seasoned gulf of mexico shrimp?

    Also KC's own urban grown organic veges raised in a bed of KC water department's "repurposed" human shit fertilizer would be yummy!

  3. Gimme a doughnut!

  4. "Our grocery stores reflect our values"?
    No, actually grocery stores are private commercial enterprises that have to make a profit to stay in existence.
    The "food deserts" are in parts of the urban metro where not much of anything else commercially successful exists due to the crime, violence, and other pathological behaviors that are regularly excused, but rarely seriously addressed in those communities.
    Until serious efforts are made by the "leadership" and residents of those neighborhoods it's unlikely that anyone is going to invest their money in grocery stores or anything else.
    Charity begins at home.

  5. Dafuq defines a "food desert?" I live in a rural area and have a choice of driving 20+ minutes one way, or 30+ minutes the other way to get to a grocery store other than a gas station that also has some "food." Is this not the case in KC? Admittedly, when I go to the "city" its not the inner city but seeing as one can drive from one end to the other in 30 min. could not those denizens leave the high-crime areas for shopping in other areas?

  6. Underneath the picture is a link to flatlandkc. Yeah, I get the irony.

  7. I live 25 miles from the nearest grocery store and am able to survive just fine
    But then again, I don't have a "I can't do anything for myself" mentality


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