All The Overland Park Inferno Aftermath Links

After less than 24 hours of investigation . . . The Golden Ghetto fire was ruled accidental by authorities and now that leaves local news to focus on pointless human interest stories and other fodder to fill the news hole despite as this JoCo enclave attempts to rebuild.

Accordingly, here are most of the important links on THE LARGEST FIRE EVER TO HIT OVERLAND PARK. Take a look:

Contractor for CityPlace 'deeply saddened' by fire

Titan Built, LLC, the main contractor for CityPlace, in a statement says they are heartbroken by the fire destruction on the property and surrounding neighborhoods. The statement also says the company is working with investigators to determine a cause and work on preventative processes in the future.

Overland Park fire that spread through neighborhood provides stark warning for all homeowners

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Overland Park Attorney Brad Russell watched the fire unfold from his 12th floor office in Corporate Woods. Russell, who litigates insurance claims, said most fire victims have one common wish -- that they had done more to protect their property.

Massive Overland Park fire ruled accidental by investigators

Monday's 8-alarm fire that destroyed two apartment buildings and damaged or destroyed several nearby homes has been ruled an accident, Overland Park fire officials said Tuesday evening. Investigators believe the fire started after some wood building material was accidentally ignited by a welder working on site.

Metro establishments waste no time organizing relief efforts for OP fire victims

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- As the smoke clears, the relief efforts begin. Neighbors are helping neighbors after Monday's huge fire, one of the metro's biggest ever, which damaged or destroyed 25 local homes. The blaze also ruined a building at the new City Place Apartments project, which was still under construction at the time of the fire.

Wood shake shingles in the spotlight after embers spark multiple fires

Monday's 8-alarm fire in Overland Park brings greater scrutiny on cedar shake shingles and safety issues associated with the building material. Many of the 17 houses that caught fire from flying embers from the City Place Apartments have cedar shingles.

You decide . . .


  1. Cheap tinderbox construction going up all over metro KC. Most getting tax subsidies, and all are fire hazards! Occupy at your own risk!

  2. True that. Looking like alot of cheap ass material , cheap ass illegal bitchery liberals Boyz wet back labor , all for charging &1200 for a 1 bedroom box . Just make those shit stains all section 8 housing & bring on the douchebag homosexual illegal dreamers !¡ Thanks for that shit Obama bitchery black people tranny's dickheads ¡!

  3. OPFD Chief thought this was a win for his department. Bet a lot of the residents who got burned out don't feel like they won.


    Local TV news stations are holding auditions this week for on-air talent!!!

  5. Get rid of those wood roofs, guys. Every fire marshall will tell you that they are deadly. They are already illegal for multi family dwellings in most cities.


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