Monday, February 27, 2017

Running Deep: Daisy Hotness And Draining The Kansas City Afternoon News Link Pool

Hottie Daisy Lea brings us to this collection of all the important Kansas City afternoon links. Dive right in . . .

Kansas City Retro Last Stop Concert Scene -- Elvis Costello And These Dudes:
Soundgarden, with Dillinger Escape Plan, headed to Kansas City in May
Show-Me Buying Spree Suspended
Land purchases for Missouri parks get put on hold by Greitens
Sunflower State Tech Trick
DMV digital line placeholder out of commission in Kansas
Meet The New Boss
Hickman Mills selects Yolanda Cargile as new superintendent
Golden Ghetto Po'Folk Discount
Johnson County to cut fares on four major express RideKC bus routes
Public Service Good News
John V. Mesh Memorial Scholarship gives $10K to Conservation Department
Help Find This Lady
Overland Park Police searching for missing woman, last seen in Liberty
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Super Dave said...

DMV digital line placeholder is a joke. Go back to how it was in the past, was actually faster that way. You didn't have to wait around waiting for those who were not there to not show. Out of pure boredom last year while waiting to get some title work done, I timed one worker not waiting on anyone for 17 minutes as the longest because the numbers they kept calling where not there. Show up get a number and wait your turn. I went in saw tons of empty seats and was thinking this would be a fast trip. Ha ha nope didn't happen. Waited longer than I ever did with the old system.

Anonymous said...

Hickman Mills School Board FAILS the community AGAIN with promotion from within. Expect more of Carpetbagger's failed policies and scams! They had a chance to make a difference and THEY FAILED!

Anonymous said...

Cargile was Carpenter's pick - everyone in the District knows that. So even with Carpenter headed off to greener pastures the HM Board is still afraid to oppose him on anything. They took the "easy way" out at the expense of the students and community. Another very sad day for HMSD. Another wrong person at the wrong time.

Anonymous said...


I'd pluck that Daisy between her stems and empty my stamen all over her pistil!!!

(in memory of Cum Guy)

Anonymous said...

When did the HM Board vote 6-0? Where did they meet? Was it posted as a Board Meeting (Sunshine Law)? Why were interviews conducted in Lee's Summit? Were there any open meetings? Did the public have any input? I see no indication on the district website, school board calendar, or agendas that indicate a vote was to be taken. INVESTIGATE! PLEASE! This was done all wrong!

Anonymous said...

9:30 Amen!

Anonymous said...

LOLZ on top photo guy.

Anonymous said...

Good news indeed about the MDC scholarship(camp for girls)-

which ironically, may affect the other story concerning State Parks, in the future.