Thursday, February 09, 2017

Prez Trump Team Kansas GOP Takeover???

Good luck to Red State voters in their attempt to distinguish between slightly different brands of Republicans. Take a look: Trump ties put to test in Kansas race


Anonymous said...

Should be a landslide victory for him. The broke, rural, stupid, fudgepackin' Brownbackin' Trump-daddy snowflakes that make up that god forsaking shithole will propel him to victory. #boycotthamilton #boycottnordstrom #boycottcoke #boycottbudweiser

Anonymous said...

Sounds like granny's ^^^ wayz tahred, dizzy, and short circuited. Guzzle that hot sauce you keep in your purse and put your blue lenses on. Also, you best get a bigger pussyhat, since that one you've incessantly cried into has shrunk. ¥boycottphilanderbillyenabler ¥boycottsniperfireliar ¥boycottpandererinapantsuit ¥boycottfamfoundationscam

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^. Says the metrosexual barista with $50k in student debt for a degree in Communications that still lives in his parents' basement in shithole Kansas City.