Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kansas City Love Hangover Morning Links

And so, another LOVE DAY IS COMPLETE and all we're left with is the afterglow, a few goodies and/or maybe some hurt feelings. Now we start anew with Lucy Pinder and her pout-y hotness along with these Kansas City morning mainstream media links.


Kansas City Refugee Winning
Lidia Bastianich details her early life as a refugee and immigrant
Dead Tree Media Fake News Insistence
Editorial: Kansas airport plan must lift Missouri off the runway on KCI improvements
Kansas City Consumer Alert Showdown
Woman denies claim she scammed elderly man out of $193K
Cowtown Court Fight Triggered
National settlement in Remington rifle case takes Kansas City spotlight
Show-Me Anonymous Crook
Armed masked man who robbed Casey's wanted by feds
Celebrate Kansas City Science
KCU professor makes ALS breakthrough
Royal Small Market Injury
Why a barn roof will sideline a Royals reliever throughout spring training | FOX Sports
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Thank God for legal immigrants like Lidia who followed the rules and made something of themselves and didn't resort to stealing someone else's ID to hide out in this country. We need more like her. Illegal aliens better run.

Anonymous said...

Weak ^^^ that's not what the current administration thinks. They hate all immigrants.

Steve Bannon in 2016: legal immigration is the real “problem"

The right is becoming an extremist hate party. They are against legal immigrants too.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Melania Trump is an immigrant. She came on a tourist visa & illegally sought work as a model.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Doufus alert!

Anonymous said...

^^^^WRONG. The left tries to pretend that they give a shit about minorities and immigrants- both legal and illegal- but only wants their votes. Another reason why Trump won and the the leftist snowflakes will continue to melt. Enjoy the next 8 yrs losers...

Anonymous said...

Byron D. Funkhouser, a German liberal, democrat, who loves the Nazi word along with, redneck, idiot, moron, racist, bigot, extremist, right winger...need I say more?