Monday, February 13, 2017

Dead Tree Media Wants To Pull The Plug On Gun Rights In Kansas Hospitals

The newspaper focuses on disarming people when they're at their most vulnerable. Take a look: Editorial: University of Kansas Health System needs concealed-carry exemption


Anonymous said...

But, how are we supposed to fight infection?

The doctors think quite highly of those "magic bullet" cures.

Anonymous said...

If dead tree media amounted to a shit they would investigate why KC hospitals tack $35k on to your medical bill so that you can take antibiotics to fight MRSA that only lives in their fucking hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Fucking hospitals sued my mom.

But a hack Bankruptcy Lawyer got her out of a 250,000 bill for 750 bucks plus costs.

Who says Lawyers can't help?

Anonymous said...

Was he in that office in Raytown?