Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Big Local Companies Push GO Bond Debt Whilst Enjoying Kansas City Tax Breaks

An important campaign finance reporting fact check from our favorite number crunchers offers a glimpse KANSAS CITY CRONY CAPITALISM HYPOCRISY and the latest insult to local voters whilst all the mayor's horrible staffers imagine that TKC is getting rich by way of linking (lulz) as they confuse yet another issue and would much rather debate blogging (double lulz) than the financial ruin they're bringing to River City. Take a peek: Taxes for Thee, But Not For Me


Anonymous said...

Hey now TKC, badmouth the mayor's office all you'd like but not that sexy redbone who seems exceptionally saucy!

Be kind, rewind and then vote no.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Are you talking about Parsons?

Don't be teh ghey.

VOTE NO said...

No more Sly money. That is all.

Anonymous said...


Easy to spend money when yours isn't the money at risk.


Anonymous said...

Those organizations mentioned have been doing the city of Kansas City for fifty years. If we do not go out and campaign against this foolishness, they will keep pulling the same old crap. TELL THEM NO by VOTING NO

Anonymous said...

And trolley boy will issue one of his juvenile ad hominem anti-Tuohey herf derfs in three... two... .

Anonymous said...

Of course these businesses want the little people to pay a higher and higher tax so the businesses can continue to not pay. That's how this works. The City built a new fire station on Hillcrest Road and gave the property to Cerner along with tons of no taxes.

The citizens of this not so fine city need to get off their duff and go to the polls to vote NO on this GO bond issue, no matter what the carrot that is dangled in front of the voters.

Thank goodness we have Lying Slie to run the city down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Tuohey is, of course, once again correct when highlighting the duplicitous nature of many of KC's corporate leaders.

Burns and McDonnell is the poster child for buying KCMO political influence while simultaneously only a small percentage (estimated <15 percent) of their employees actually reside within KCMO.

JEDunn top corporate leadership is well known to reside in Leawood KS, with a spouse even serving as it's Mayor, and being strong supporters of private Rockhurst high school.

Area corporate leaders treat KCMO like the town whore. Use her, get what you can to satisfy your needs, but then disavow a relationship when you go home to the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

But you can't be treated like the town whore unless you behave like the town whore.
When folks like the current crop of electeds at 12th and Oak are put in office by KCMO residents decade after decade, and their highest priority is giving away the city's tax base to every insider and grifter who comes along with a "development proposal", how can anyone in KCMO complain?
For all these big corporations, insiders, grifters, out-of-town academics, con men, contractors, consultants, and all the rest, KCMO government is the easiest of easy touches. And these folks aren't stealing anything; they're just taking advantage of programs and agencies that have been put in place by the state legislature and city over many years.
Stop electing people who give everything away and can't bring themselves to ever say "NO".
The highest priority at 12th and Oak is: "What are you going to run for next".

Anonymous said...

Multiply that by a million, you have state politics; multiply by a billion and you got the feds. The country is rotting from the corruption. Only recourse is to deny them money, and it will stop. And I mean ALL money.

Anonymous said...

10:28 comment

I thank you for the great comments.

Perhaps we agree that too many serving at 12th and Oak are whores by nature, and the electorate share blame for not demanding better representation.

I disagree on your point that KCMO deserves to be served by whores. By default, those serving as elected representatives should conduct themselves with high ethics and professional behavior, always putting the citizens first. This of course is a bit utopian, but self-serving representatives should be the exception and not the rule.

Does KCMO government have any ethics officer or method to enforce proper behavior codes?

Ultimately, I guess we would get to the question of whether people are civil, law-abiding, and interested in serving the greater good, or are they selfish, greedy bastards by nature.

Anonymous said...

They should look into adding a toll to the Broadway Bridge. That way they would have a steady stream of revenue and would be less likely to default.

Plus it would put more of the burden on paying for city services on the richer people who live North of the River.

Anonymous said...