Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Progressive Kansas City Public Radio Fights 'Fake News' Phenomena

Because a litany of stories dedicated to Obamacare really represents the public interest. Checkit: A Note On KCUR's Commitment To 'Truth In All Matters'


Anonymous said...

It's all bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Until Washington ceases to create and promote fake news in support of their various foreign and domestic adventures, efforts to curb such news is futile.

Jeffrey said...

Jew-controlled Public Broadcasting has been a wellspring of Marxist propaganda for decades.Truth my ass.

Byron Funkhouser said...

It's obvious that you wouldn't know truth when you saw it.

"Jew-controlled", "Marxist propaganda"? It's 2017 in West Virginia, & 1950 in the Greater Kansas City area. The KKK exists now only in the deepest, most remote hollows here, but it's apparently more socially acceptable in Missouri?

Anonymous said...

if one can't believe what one reads in major newspapers or hears on major tv networks, democracy is going to stop working.

Anonymous said...

Do you consider the Star a major newspaper? I don't.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that what passes for reporting actual news, whether in print, radio, or television, in KC is sad.
Try finding a source that simply reports good old plain how, what, where, and when, instead of opinion and commentary of "journalists" trying to tell you what to think.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna Vestal of KCUR:

You said, "And we'll soon be announcing new programming that we hope will provide an immediate platform for broadening and encouraging that communication."

You'll excuse readers/listeners who seriously doubt your stated intentions. KCUR, as an NPR station, is a part of the liberal media and most of the news readers/hosts do a poor job of disguising their bias in favor of Democratic Party positions.

Here's an idea, why don't you contact the creator of this TKC blog and discuss a format for a new KCUR program centered around KCMO political/civic affairs. Plus, he's a UMKC grad, who knows plenty about this town.

Anonymous said...

I want to share something that happened at a meeting I attended this past Monday evening. I was at the SKC Alliance Meeting, I got to watch John Sharp mean mug a person that wasn't bothering anyone, Bonnaye Mims. She was sitting and listening to the presenters. people wake up this man, along with others that are assisting him, have targeted this woman, trying to intimidate her, send threatening remarks to her. They have gone so far to attack her character, have someone try breaking into her home (pictures on camera). John is dangerous, but he won't attack any men. His helpers, ya know who they are. I just saw a letter that DaRon McGee filed a complaint about her (Bonnaye) not filing a "Personal Financial Disclosure. INFO: all of her reports are up-t-date DaRon." Ya got what you wanted, let Richard Brown dance to ya's music and leave Bonnaye alone; she's not scared and is prepared by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

I'm a person who was glad to see the Crisis Intervention Center put in place to help the people in need of service in Kansas city, Missouri.

May I say, it's embarrassing to see our so called political people (Senator Curls and Rep. Gail Beatty) take the credit for other peoples work. Now if you all don't know the story let me share.

Neither one of these people, who have served in the legislature knew, helped or researched the need for such a program. When Bonnaye, went down to Jeff City, this was her background and she worked with many committee people to make this happen, along with the Attorney General's Office,City Council, Judges, police, fire and EMT departments. I know because I followed her work. She took her proposal to the Senators office and tried meeting with her and was unsuccessful 4 times. She went to every senator that served on the committee and shared the proposal along with the Republican's that help. If you don't believe me go Read the article that the KC Star wrote about her work.

This time John Sharp couldn't dirty her name. I guess the KC Star took the time to get the correct information. Ya know John had some of his reporter friends write negatively about her.

People wake up: Now since they took her out of serving as a State Representative, they want to take the credit for her work. Curls only voted when it came to the Coference Committee and tried explaining this program and didn't have all of the correct information at a meeting in the community. What a joke.

It's sad not to work with one another, but to try taking the credit instead of saying, job well done. Nope you two put money up against her (check ethics reports).

Black on Black crime, instead of working together. People see ya for what all of you are and thank John Sharp. He talks that Black shit, but when it comes to certain Black men like Clinton Adams, Frank White and Mayor James he backs the fuck up. John can maneuver stupid Black men like Rodney Bland, Darrell Curls, Richard Brown,Byron Townsend and DaRon but ya are to stupid to see working together you can achieve much, but Freedom is going down. Black people can't get ahead; ya all are like crabs in a bucket.

People are too fed up with what Freedom stands for. No one wants to be bothered with a snake pit and South Kansas City don't want you either. Stay down in the inner city and John quit pushing up on organizations in South Kansas City. You are on everything, you showed your hand too soon, now your own folks know they just ain't saying much.

I can call ya out because I am not a so called politician and guess what I'm not Black.

Bridge that gap with the people.