Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Here's the latest from our favorite Kansas City transit activist and his new plan which puts him in direct competition with the current scheme from streetcar supporters . . .

Clay Chastain: Final petition language for new rapid citywide streetcar plan (initiative) & estimated budget

To the Kansas City Community,

One cannot fake out the reality that 59% of the voters and the entire Kansas City establishment did not support Light Rail Question #3. Since I promised not to bring another light rail initiative, it was back to my drawing board (kitchen table) to see if there was another way forward to improve the city's ineffective transit system and use that improved transit system as a catalyst for job creation, investments and economic development. And if the city's 2.2-mile streetcar line can create all the economic development supporters claim it already has, then imagine what a 28-mile citywide streetcar system could do to make Kansas City boom?

Therefore, Plan B seeks to build a transit mountain upon the city's 2.2-mile downtown streetcar system. This requires expanding it's foundation (going citywide with a 28-mile new system) as well as transforming the way in which it now operates (streetcars can travel up to 45 mph if conditions allow, and with fewer stops and dedicated right-of-ways separated from traffic, the streetcar can become a rapid rail system.

My design will turn the city's streetcar system into a transit system useful to everyone, especially the working man, and not just one for tourists and limited economic development. Plan B enables the city to still enjoy and benefit from a sustainable, efficient and convenient rail system at far less cost than the bigger higher capacity light rail system.

It would be nice if the leader of our city, Mayor Sly James, who said he was "the streetcars biggest fan," would lead the city council in getting behind this phenomenal public transportation improvement plan. I know he also said in the Star (when referring to why the city does not want to work together with me on transit) that "when you've burned your bridges (referring to me), you've burned your bridges." Let me gently remind the Mayor and this city council that it was Sly James and the previous city council that set fire to those bridges when they blocked a vote on my 2011 valid light rail petition, and then 3-years later sabotaged the ballot language (leaving out the light rail plan so it would fail) after the Missouri Supreme Court ordered the City to place that plan before Kansas City voters.

Why not rebuild those bridges Mayor Sly James, for the good of the city? After all, wasn't it you who claimed to be "the great facilitator" when you first ran for Mayor? Or was that just empty braggadocio?

Here then (see attachment) is Plan B....Kansas City's Splendor in the Rails...

Kansas City Community Activist Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

I wunner if ol Sly is gonna git his Washington D.C. position!

Anonymous said...

Only position he'll get there is the bent over position at this point.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sly James ‏@MayorSlyJames 3 hours ago

We've moved up to 2nd place from 3rd in 2015!

In gubbermint tech shit)

Anonymous said...

Obama lackey Teresa Chaurand in D.C. sent Sly a new bowtie!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Trump will end taxpayer subsidies for failing newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Cerners next in line for more subsidies, and then the clowns wanting to put another idiotic apartment building on the Plaza.

No time for this shit.

Anonymous said...

Chastain needs to be committed.

Greedo said...

It's time to ride Clay out of town on a rail!

What I don't like is that Chastain is risking our petition process that we need to fend off stuff like a new airport and hotel ram-throughs.

If Clay really wanted to do us all a favor, he would join another petition effort and maybe help to get marijuana decriminalized in KCMO.

Anonymous said...

Expand mize SILVER SLED to the Plaza shit hole , so as me an MY BOYZ BITCHES can get the bluntz at the shit hole Diebels !

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Clay and there are a lot of people who disagree with him.

But the voters of Kansas City keep signing his petitions and voting for his efforts. It's amazing that some people don't actually like Democracy when it threatens to shift the balance of power.

Let's see what Clay can do with his plan. It sounds far more detailed than what the current streetcar promoters are putting in front of us.

Anonymous said...

If you ride the SILVER STEED , ARM YOURSELF , MAKES THE BOYZ BITCHES BLEED ! I chose a ,.40 caliber with a 15 count clip with hollow points , bitches !

Anonymous said...

How did you ever get through that huge crowd and all that traffic to get the photo of bustling Main Street in KCMO?
Probably about 8:00 pm on a typical Wednesday night.
No sigh of those 24 million tourists.
Or the thousands who take a ride on the streetcar every day.
The city that never sleeps!
Sly, Johnson, and Chastain deserve each other. Too bad the taxpayers have to pick up the tab for these clowns.

Anonymous said...

Clay, go away. We have enough problems here.

Anonymous said...

How about "Not my Mayor"

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL!

Dude said...

Greedo, open your eyes. The airport is 40+ yrs old and has some serious issues. it's great if you travel once a yr it's fine, but travel it weekly and you can see it needs lots of upgrades.

Anonymous said...

Why won't Clay just give up already?

This man's ego is out of control. He promised he'd stop if the last plan failed. It failed miserably. Now he's going about throwing another version of his same plan out there that calls for more tax increases (that likely won't cover the real cost).

It's like he's obsessed with being famous for doing something big in this town. A town he doesn't even live in or lives part time in.

Yes he got a plan to pass years ago. But that plan was financially irresponsible. As has all his subsequent plans

Why the obsession? Doesn't he have a job and a family? He's spending countless hours/days/months trying to push plans that the public doesn't want. Sure he'll get people to sign petitions. But the people that sign his petitions are in the minority and don't represent the populace in general. And that was shown at the ballot box.

Go away Clay. We don't need you. We don't want you. And we don't DEFINITELY don't need you giving more reasons for our corrupt city government to raise taxes.

Anonymous said...

Clay needs to go away. The streetcar is old technology. Kansas City needs to look into Bus Rapid Transit like Cleveland and other cities have done. The Max bus is a form of BRT, but there are much better systems out there that actually make BRT a faster method of getting from point A to B without having to tear up streets and install rails or overhead wires.