Wednesday, November 09, 2016


In the aftermath of historic defeat, Democratic Party loyalists are searching for someone to blame for the historic implosion of so many of their candidates and abandonment by their former constituents.

Some of the very smartest people online are passing around this article and calling for a more Conservative Democratic Party platform:

The Guardian And Author of "What's The Matter With Kansas" seyz: Donald Trump is moving to the White House, and liberals put him there

Humbly, these people are missing the point.

Here's the real aftermath that's far too politically incorrect for any mainstream pundit to put forward:


Face it . . . It has been a long time since 1977 and "equal rights" for privileged white ladies is a rallying cry that (understandably) doesn't even excite other women.

Hillary Clinton "girl power" emasculated the Democratic Party to the point where politicos were forced to abandon almost any declarative sentence for fear of "triggering" their own constituency.

Hillary Clinton "girl power" was old school, ugly, divisive, arrogant and entitled.

None of this is to say there aren't strong women in politics who have provided vital leadership but look closely and they aren't playing gender games to win . . . Instead they serve a far more broad constituency instead of a constituency of broads. HAR!!!

Locally, no lady politico in Kansas City represents Hillary Clinton style girl-power and gender identity politics more perfectly than Jackson County Legislative Chair Crystal Williams.

Her participation in the local political scene has been almost completely comprised of mean-spirited whisper campaigns against her opponents, wild allegations at social occasions and non-stop gender antipathy directed toward any male politico in her vicinity without preference for party or affiliation.

Put simply . . . It's Hillary Clinton & Crystal Williams gender identity war that turned off so many white men and turned them toward the Republicans and Trump in spite of faux media outrage at "grab them by the pussy" comments.

In the final analysis, it's not that people in Missouri, Kansas City and across this great nation don't value the struggle of the working people or even the plight of minorities . . . "Bernie Bros" were a far more enthusiastic contingent of the Democratic Party this year than their lady counterparts on Hillary's side.

In the end, the demise of the Democratic Party in KCMO and the US Of A should be blamed on tragic gender identity politics and neither Hillary nor Crystal is sexy enough to get people out and vote.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I was "grabbed" by this post and I'm a man.

Would have much rather voted for Bernie.

Anonymous said...

how does crystal still have a job?


Anonymous said...

Now we need to drain the KCMO political swamp.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders would have won, and the DNC knows it. So do the local KC area Dems. Sad that the blind loyalty to Hills and gender politics cost them the election.

Anonymous said...

Q. Could Cerner Corporation Crash Even More? The Stock Just Made Yearly Low.

A. Don't worry KCMO taxpayers are keeping the Cerner boat afloat.

Anonymous said...

Looking for the Nasty Girls, where are they?

Anonymous said...

Crystal is toast.

Anonymous said...

actually -- it was black women who didn't turn out and stand in line for Hillary--like they did for their homey Barack --

no way they care about this "blonde White wommin" -- y-know --the type their black men are always longing for--

Anonymous said...


deport the wetbacks

exterminate the nogs


There's a El Conejo ticket with your name on it Botello. Pack.

Anonymous said...

Nothing would have helped Hillary.

She was a bad candidate, she was crooked. She was rejected by the voters.

Anonymous said...

Trump killed the world's hope and now USA has more problems but no answers. Too bad Twitter can't help.

Anonymous said...

In Jackson County and KCMO there is clear evidence each and every day that incompetence, self importance, utter disregard for the voters, and a lack of interest in the actual responsibilities of being in elected office don't affect the ability of the local politicos to stay elected and then bounce from one public dole job to anther one bit.
Tenure by failure.
Celebrity by incompetence.
Why learn or try anything new?

Anonymous said...

"Instead they serve a far more broad constituency instead of a constituency of broads. HAR!!!"


Here's a question to ponder:
Will Cathy Jolly's failed leadership of local Hillary HQ have repercussions for hubby Councilman Scott Taylor's Mayoral aspirations?


Anonymous said...

No Problem! The nasty broads are safe. These fat ass, bimbo, tin hat wearing, local yokel, politico dreamer hags didn't have a snowballs chance of having their pussy grabbed - not even by each other.

Anonymous said...

Men have been grabbing women by the pussy since the beginning of time. Women have been grabbing men by the dick all along during this period. So come on, is saying it really all that wrong?

If Hillary had said she likes grabbing dick, the whole world would have laughed at her.

Anonymous said...

I read TKC all the time. But you printed that picture of drunk Crystal too many times, and seeing it over and over made me turn gay. Know what I'm sayin?

Anonymous said...

women were diminished by supporting a candidate simply because she's a woman.

Anonymous said...

Chris Koster lost last night because he wasn’t identified on the ballot as a “Republican.” If only Koster had been identified on yesterday’s ballot as a Republican — he would have easily ridden Trump’s coattails right into the Missouri governor’s mansion. Koster could have had another eight (8) years in political office, living a glamorous life in the governor’s mansion and playing the role of America’s “Governor Gigolo.” But yesterday, candidate Chris Koster was missing only one thing: the word “Republican” next to his name on the ballot. Turns out, Chris Koster’s calculative move in 2007 to switch from being a Republican to posing as a Democrat was, in the long run, a bad political move. And a short-sighted political move, too. It’s amusing to think that Chris Koster hoisted himself on his own political petard. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving politician. Koster’s political tombstone should read: CHRIS KOSTER a/k/a/ "Mr. Everything-Is-A-Politically-Calculated Move.” RIP Chris Koster. At long last, your political machinations have caused your political demise. Today, the buzzards are now circling over your political carcass. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

11:20 PM comment

Ok, well, thanks for that Jason Kander.

Anonymous said...

trump won GET OVER IT

Anonymous said...

Williams will the next one to lose big!