Show-Me Republican Hacks Pushing Kander Missouri Senate Run Hater Links

This blog was started for a lot of reasons but mostly because very smart people are often pushed out of the Kansas City political discourse in order to accommodate paid consultant hacks, insufferable politicos and newsies who are desperately trying to get out of this town.

To wit . . .


There are a lot of problems with this info and not just because it's a partisan screed with the illusion of objectivity . . .

But, despite the claims of trolls who never found an audience, here's what Kander haters are pushing:

Deceit Claims Lodged Against Missouri Democrat in Key Senate Race - An overwritten polemic by a fake group who obviously has an ax to grind and mistakenly thinks people will care about poorly researched arguments with no jokes or boobie pix to share.

The Kander Memo - Slightly more interesting because it includes shade thrown at all of Team Kander but still 161 pages of mostly political garbage.

Again, this is the kind of tripe that makes political adverts seem interesting by comparison . . . What's more interesting is the fact that it's making it my way means the Missouri GOP is scared of losing this contest and THIS kind of post isn't what they wanted.

Fact is, there's a lot to politically dislike about both Kander and Blunt but the mistaken notion that people are gonna read this garbage might be part of why so many voters are sitting out this election.

As usual, we provide the info and insight and YOU DECIDE . . .


  1. kander is russian mob

  2. ....says the guy who scours the bottom of the web barrel for content.....

    1. ^^^^ And here you are still sniffing

  3. Kander can win!

  4. 6:31 I had to bait the fake troll!

  5. Is it true that our favorite mellow smoke is named after that grinning fool whose family are all lobbyists.

  6. If this political blog was started for "very smart people" who've been pushed out of K.C.'s political discourse, then why is Tony acting as if he's somehow their self-appointed savior? Tony, it's been obvious since 2010 that you are a shill for the Kanders. Does "Uncle John" Kander pay you to feign objectivity while still coming down on the side of the Kanders? You're now hyper-ventilating because you know The Kander Memo offers a mountain of evidence that the Kanders are steeped in corruption and facing huge troubles ahead. The Kanders' career in politics is over after next Tuesday. The K.C. Star recently said that Jason Kander is a man on the move who will definitely be going places. Kander will be going places alright -- to a federal or state penitentiary, and perhaps both in due time.

  7. I thought he was a shill for the Show-Me Institute. We all know it.

  8. Don't pick on Tony. The only way he could afford to move out of his mother's basement was to become a paid mouthpiece for the Kanders.

  9. My wife & I = longtime TKC fans. But can’t agree with Tony on this one. Just because a group unearths a ton of dirt on the Kanders doesn’t make that group haters or hacks or partisans. We’ve read this Kander memo carefully. It’s long but definitely worth it. This group did their homework. This memo (really an opus) explains years of rumors and whispers in K.C. about the Kanders and their outsized ambitions and scorched-earth tactics. This memo also explains why in 2014 rumors were swirling around K.C. that Diana Kander somehow cheated the NY Times bestselling-author system. This Kander memo is a searing indictment of the Kanders. It also proves Jason Kander is the man behind the “Raise Your Hand For Kids” scam (MO Amendment #3, which will go down in smoke next Tuesday). The Kanders are definitely in deep doo-doo. They'd better “lawyer-up” — if they haven’t already. BTW - no wonder Cora Walker freaked out and falsely accused a man of rape. The Kander memo calls on Walker and others to explain why they allowed Jason Kander to get control of $5 million in donations that belonged to the Amendment #3 ballot initiative.


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