Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lucy And A Lot of Kansas City News Links

Brit hottie Lucy Vixen inspires a celebration of the feminine form in all of its different varieties as we pack a great many Kansas City news links into this convenient collection. Take a look:

Kansas City Tax Cheat Take Down
Man with sovereign citizen ties sentenced for tax evasion
Sunflower State Obamacare Panic
Election Clouds Medicaid Expansion Forecast In Kansas
Local Weapons Merchant Charge
Kansas City man accused of being one-man illegal gun store
Today's Local Lesson In Consumer Fear
Student's Samsung phone catches fire inside Staley High School
Kansas City Injustice Called Out
KC police commissioner & former prosecutor say innocent man in prison for life
Tech Winning With No Jobs
Digital Cities Survey Ranks Kansas City, MO, Second - Kansas City infoZine
KCMO Downtown Smokeout Continues
Four days after fire erupts, historic downtown KC church is still smoldering
Better Transit Options Across The Bridge
B-cycle bike share coming to North Kansas City
Tragic Local Crowdfunding Funeral
Heartbreaking message from family of 15-year-old Blue Springs girl killed in crash
Celebrate Kansas City GloryDaze Gear
Royals revise gold-thread jerseys for 2017
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Anonymous said...

The upside to these phone fires......all phones will drop like a rock in price

Anonymous said...

What is this Link stuff Mildred!! This new puter and intertubes stuff is really sumptin!

Anonymous said...

Ooh look Mildred! They even offer Cookies!!!!