Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Kansas Democratic Party Efforts Against Congressman Yoder: Waste Of Time & Money

At the outset of this election contest our blog community noted that Congressman Yoder and his bankroll were too big to overtake.

Millions of bucks and so many annoying political commercials later. Our thesis was proven correct:

Roll Call: Republican Kevin Yoder Re-Elected in Kansas' 3rd District

And it wasn't the unlikable George Brett or any other campaign stunt but the fact that Rep. Yoder's middle-of-the-road brand of Conservatism can speak to the more strident JoCo Republicans but has yet to scare off the middle-class denizens who comprise his constituency. For lack of a better word . . . Congressman Yoder is likable and more than anything that presentation has powered his continued success.


Anonymous said...

Kansans always vote republican. If Jesus the democrat was running against Satan the republican those Kansas folks would rewrite their bibles and be worshiping the dark side come next Sunday morning after electing Satan as their chosen leader.

Anonymous said...

he's a lifer.

MDLQ said...

Didn't he try to 'walk on water' at the Sea of Galilee? Like somebody else?