Saturday, November 26, 2016

Don't Get Killed Shopping In Kansas City

Given the current divisive political climate, more crime throughout the metro and desperate economic times for po'folk . . . Shopping this holiday season can be sketchy. And so, local news offers a guide with some expert advice for protecting all the Chinese-made good purchased on borrowed money during this most wonderful time of year. Checkit: Staying safe during the holiday shopping season


Anonymous said...

Stay safe. If you see a bootlip, go the other way.

Here Comes Santa Claus said...

All the more reason to shop on-line and have your shit delivered where you work so the thugs can't steal it off your front porch.

Anonymous said...

Yup! No sense in supporting the KC economy when the tax revenue will just be used to wipe Sly's fat ass.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City is not the Paris of the Plains.

Kansas City is the El Salvador of the Plains.

Happy holidays, and watch out for the death squads.

Mr. Stoplights said...

I make a huge-ass salary working the highways in MO, and there's been over 800 deaths on Missouri roads this year. That's almost 8 times the number of people killed by homicide in KC. Just remember that when you go to the pump on the Missouri side and fill up. 40 cents of every gallon you pump downtown goes in my pocket. I deserve more, but you people are too stupid to realize it.

Try to find me if you can. I know you people won't because you'd have to come out from hiding behind internet anynonimity.
And you people don't have to balls to confront me if you ever had the chance.