Friday, November 11, 2016


A wild week in the history of our Democracy is now old news and the only thing worthy of consideration is the influence and power the winners will have moving forward.

And so . . . 


Here's the word from our alternative bloggy community . . .

Kansas City Protesters Have The Power And Potential To Change Local Democracy

Protests that continue into tonight and this weekend among mostly young people on local streets offered a look into the future. Like it or not, Conservative and Progressive politicos will be courting these voters in the coming years and perceptions of this youth movement are more powerful than the current reality. After a big voter turnout and widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo . . . Nobody can claim to know the future except that an electorate with wildly different standards is taking hold of the Democratic process.

Congressman Cleaver: Unbeatable

He has won a 7th term in Congress and this elected official remains the most powerful in Kansas City while all of the speculation surrounding his tenure will continue for years.

Missouri State Senator Rizzo Last Man Standing Among Kansas City Democrats

John Rizzo was the only newly elected Democratic State Senator in Missouri and his working-class politics and community support proved more important than the culture war in D.C. and on TV.

Congressman Kevin Yoder: King Of Johnson County Politics

Democratic challengers talked a good game but were easily defeated by the beloved Golden Ghetto political denizen who can walk the line between RINO and more reactionary denizens of the suburban enclave.

In Celebration Of White Guys!!!

Caucasian dudes are taking it on the chin (nullus) in the aftermath of Trump victory.

An example from GQ:

With President Donald Trump, Angry White Guys Won Again

This media pile-on is only acceptable because it comes from angry progressive white guys on the other side of the aisle who lost at the hands of their former 1st lady and her e-mails.

Here at TKC we want to assure you that you're one of the good ones!!! And blaming people for the TV election show is about as pointless as non-swing-state voting.

But I digress . . .

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

It's good that you think this election was a big joke but some of us are not laughing. There are important issues at stake and we need to to take this stuff seriously. It's not about protest or the stupid articles you link. It's about what the people want. And the popular vote proves that Americans are good people but our system needs to be change.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ American will be fine. But you're screwed.

Wisdom said...

Ann Coulter tweeted “Without fat girls, there would be no protests”

Anonymous said...

Protesters tonight were peaceful. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

Many blessings to the black and white and Latino voters who elected PRESIDENT ! Trump ! You are all true American hero freedom LOVING PATRIOT human beings ! Those who voted formore of the same old shit , go finger and grab yo TRANNY BITCHES style HOMOSEXUALLY abounds metrosexual GROIDS ¡

Anonymous said...

White people taking it on the chin? Guess again.

Spics and nigs are about to take it up the butt for FOUR YEARS. And guess what? You've earned it.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Trump Trailer Trash. Take it out.

Anonymous said...

I blame Hillary. We all know only crazy can beat crazy. Bernie would have destroyed Trump.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^ put down the weed, man. Maybe in 10-15 years, but no way in hell could a self-proclaimed Socialist be elected President today.

Anonymous said...

"you're one of the good ones!" lulz. That is some condescending shizz my grandpappy used to say but I get the joke.

Not all Trump voters are Bateman. Some us just like the stupid red hat.

Anonymous said...

What exactly do the protesters think is going to happen?
Trump resign?
These folks are the lowest of low-information people and when you add in the fact that they're also the most self-centered and clueless you're probably more able to at least try to understand why marching and protesting and making demands is about all they're ever going to be able to do.
Have you ever tried to have a conversation with them about actual ideas or policies or proposals?
Don't bother.
Calling these folks marginal is being kind.

Anonymous said...

I’m a white guy
I take no crap
When I do my Caucasian rap
I say thank you
And I say please,
I like mayonnaise
And Velveeta cheese.
I’m a white guy
You got a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

I love how Tony writes some of this bullshit and them makes sure the lead off comment(s) appears to be some dip shit all in favor of everything Tony had to say. Jesus what bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is unbeatable because of a convoluted, gerrymandered District structured to guarantee his election. (Also, distorting boundaries for adjacent districts.) That was spin off from the old voting rights law. And a result of Missouri's bipartisan redistricting process, which is painful but effective. But population shifts will make it hard to keep that guaranteed district safe for him. In order to make his District "legal" his new district will probably have to include more area outside the dem urban center, which does not vote Dem.

Anonymous said...

Remember, there are millions of absentee and other irregular ballots that are still being counted and have NOT YET BEEN REPORTED. To those who are trying to make a point about popular vs. electoral vote remember - the votes ARE NOT FINAL YET. You might want to temper your conclusions until we all get to see the final results.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver wins because of gerrymandering not because he is good for the state.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver wins because KC Peckerwoods barely vote and the 30 percent that are black vote for him to keep those entitlements coming in. This isn't rocket science. It's simply nigs niggin'.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver BARELY won this time.
I sure hope next time he's gone for good.

Fuckin' deadbeat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

20% is barely ?? Really.