Remember The Kansas City Killer Clown?!?!

Given the recent media frenzy, social media scare and recent creepy clown sightings in Platte County . . . Here's Just a bit of local history from the newsies @ Slate to put things in perspective . . .

May 1981, Kansas City, Missouri: A few days after the Brookline incidents begin, police in Kansas City receive multiple reports of a knife-wielding clown in a yellow van. Parents of children attending Our Lady & St. Rose school are informed of the situation via a letter from school administrators reading, in part, “There have been reports of a character called Killer Clown jumping out of bushes and threatening children with a knife.”

Read the whole thing:

The Wave of Evil Clown Sightings Is Nothing to Worry About. It Happens Every Few Years!


  1. A bowtie-wearing CLOWN once followed me away from City Hall and scared me something awful when he started singing!!!

  2. Thy only KC clown that scares me is the mayor. When he puts that dummy Forte on his lap and pulls those mouth strings that is really creepy.

  3. As a child in KC in the 80s, i remember there was an urban legend among kids about the killer clown and claims that he drove an ice cream truck and kidnapped children.

  4. Maybe we could have a "killer clown" candlelight vigil.

  5. Maybe we could make some sort of deal......

  6. Do killer clowns do drive by shootings in their little cars? Blow their horns when they hit something?

  7. killer clown = Classic cowtown fear.

  8. YA' WELL, BEFORE anbody gets any ideas ,, its NOT me !!!!!

    Frankly, I don't Clown around , just that simple !!!!

    HOWEVER,,, ya' might want to look at that KCMO MAYOR, he does like to clown around a lot,,, that being Mayor SLY JAMES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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