Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Missouri Gov. Tax Return Call Out

The Gov. race just got slightly more interesting as this tax record debate take hold and could connect back to Veteran charity claims currently being fought via competing TV commercials. Take a look: Koster pulls plug on more debates until Greitens produces his tax returns


Anonymous said...

Missouri isn't going to trust an unhinged Zionist who doesn't want corporations to pay any taxes.

I'm voting for Howdie Dootie, 2016.

Anonymous said...

So original. Who fucking cares?

Anonymous said...

Did you listen to the National Anthem five times today?

If not why? Are you a Communist?

Kornhole Koster said...

Koster is afraid of the dark. Betting money he has "red ass" from all that man-holing he does down at Bazookas.