Saturday, October 08, 2016

Kansas City Billie Saturday

Brit hottie Billie Faiers isn't afraid to wear lingerie while sporting a baby bump and right now we celebrate her better days along with this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links.

Take a look:

Salon Picks Up Crosby's Teapot Tempest
Jewish man arrested after criticizing Israel and U.S. at Kansas library's pro-Israel event
Homeboy From The Inner Suburbs Charged With Girlfriend Beat Down Captured
Blue Springs man behind bars, charged in attack, shooting that left ex-girlfriend in intensive care
Show-Me Debate Discord
It's all but official: No more debates in race for Missouri governor
Cruel JoCo Crook Steals Bike
Thief brings Shawnee boy with autism to tears after stealing treasured bicycle
Fanboys Admit 2016 Defeat Already
Kansas City Chiefs will use week off to solve problems with stagnant offense
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

If you have to play football to earn money you are already defeated. If you enjoy watching people risk their health to do so...

Anonymous said...


To be FAIER, Billie said when she was done having her way with me, we'd both be wiping the floor with our bare butts!!!

Anonymous said...

Koster makes it official, no vote for him from me! Dweeb...