Saturday, October 08, 2016

'Echo' Reminds Kansas Radio Listeners About Horrific Reality Of Abortion Baby Killing

Radio campaign uses familiar themes for another reminder of the greatest, largely unspoken, slaughter this nation has ever presided over . . . Meet 'Echo,' Kansans for Life's unborn spokesbaby


Anonymous said...

You wont see BLM protesting over all the abortions the ghetto hoes are getting.

Anonymous said...

A third of black pregnancies are terminated. Planned Parenthood helps eliminate more Black Lives EVERY MONTH than the KKK did in its entire fuckng existence.

And the Black Lives Matter fools don't see the old white elitists laughting about it.

They are being wiped out, and they are doing it to themselves.

Stupid is as Stupid does.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The Anti-Choice movement is anti-woman.

In a free country, a man can not tell a woman that she can't have an abortion.

Anonymous said...

Byron is apparently that over a third of Black Lives are eliminated before they are even born.

Old white men made it legal, and the blacks fell for it.

The whole thing is racist is practice Byron.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton and Catholic Tim Kaine, say that a baby should be able to be aborted right up until the moment of delivery.

Because it's a woman's personal right to choose. To choose to murder a child, seconds away from exiting her womb.


Is it a parent's right to beat or murder their own children?

Can one spouse decide to take the life of their partner?

Can you decide to put ailing grandpa out of his misery, and face no consequences?

Can you even abuse your dog or cat and not have authorities get involved?

Anonymous said...

If abortion is murder then miscarriage is manslaughter. Death to babymama; bastards should be orphans.

Anonymous said...

You lying piece of shit, a miscarriage is not caused by the woman deliberately...but an abortion is.

And the majority of abortions are decimating the minorities, especially blacks.

Why do you think a bunch of old rich white men on the Supreme Court passed Roe v Wade.

Fuck you, pervert.

Anonymous said...

Echo And The Bunnymen

Anonymous said...

This is some sick fuck cult shit that should be taxed.

Anonymous said...

Is that fetus holding a bible?