Tuesday, September 27, 2016


An important note an highlights from our Democratic Party pals. Take a peek:

Jackson County Democrats: Re-Cap of Last Night's Debate

What we saw last night in the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a little predictable: one looked like a candidate who is well prepared to become the next President and one who looked like an uninformed bully. There were some major areas that we learned from though:

-In regards to Trump's tax returns (that he refuses to release), Clinton pointed out that the only years he has ever released showed that he didn't pay anything in federal income taxes. Trump proudly responded, "that makes me smart."

-When Clinton pressured Trump on his history of not paying his employees and contractors, Trump never bothered denying it. When an architect who designed clubhouses for his golf courses asked for what he was guaranteed, Trump offered one sixth of the contract and said "take it or you will have to sue me."

-Trump was sued in the 1970s for racial discrimination in his New York and Virginia apartments. When Clinton challenged him on this, Trump never denied that he discriminated; he only said he settled out of court.

-Trump doubled down on the widely debunked claim that he was never for the war in Iraq and that the "birther movement" was started by Clinton.

-Even conservative commentators discussing the performances after the debate's conclusion declared the second half of the debate was especially messy and incoherent.

-The CNN insta-poll showed a giant victory for Clinton over Trump, 62-27. That is the second widest head-to-head margin in history (going back to 1984).


Super Dave said...

The Clinton News Network and other Democrats are going to claim a victory even if Hillary had fell over passed out half way through the debate.

The Washington Times,Drudge Report, CNBC, Time magazine online polls all say Donald won. So in the end who is telling the truth.

Hillary isn't we know that for sure.

Anonymous said...

Trump has been making that obscene nose sound for years.

"I must have had a bad mic".

"I don't want to suggest a conspiracy".

The moderator wasn't fair to me"

And you want this pussy as the president? Shit, that guy got beat up when I was in 5th grade.

But winners flock to a third rate blog site to tell the rest of the world is wrong and everyone is against us.

Yea, that'il work.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^"But winners flock to a third rate blog site to tell the rest of the world is wrong and everyone is against us."

No Trump supporter here, but what does this say about you?

Anonymous said...

These dreamer libtards never watch the same debate i do. Interesting!

Ted Nugent said...

Hillary stated in the debate that she will pay for all of her socialist give-away programs by raising taxes on the rich.
What she didn’t define is “rich.” You may have noticed that the numbskull “moderating” the debate didn’t press Hillary on her definition of “rich” and neither did Mr. Trump. Big mistake.
Sure, it’s easy for economic numbskulls and knuckle-draggers to agree with Hillary. So long as someone else gets stuck with the bill, Hillary’s supporters lick their chops at making the “rich” pay for their Fedzilla freebees.
But this a time-tested Democrat flim-flam scam. The more you punish the rich, the fewer rich you have to fleece. And then—here’s the real scam-- you have to pick the pockets of the middle class to pay for all of the “free” programs. Over to you, Mr. Trump, for the next debate. Until then, hammer this home everywhere you go on the campaign trail.
The rich already pay way more than their so-called fair share. Upwards of 80% of all income taxes is paid for by five percent of all tax payers. How about it, Mr. Trump?
Hillary also didn’t mention that it’s the “rich” who build businesses, create all the jobs, make America strong and who generate wealth. Mr. Trump didn’t pounce on her with these fundamental business facts. Big mistake.
Cut taxes. Create good paying jobs.
Let’s make America great again. Vote Trump for president.

Anonymous said...

"-The CNN insta-poll showed a giant victory for Clinton over Trump, 62-27. That is the second widest head-to-head margin in history (going back to 1984)."

Every other insta-poll said Trump won. There's even a story about it on Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

Her tag line should have been," All my life I had to fight...", would have gotten everybody. Women, African-Americans,Latino, Vets,poor, middle-class, immigrant, retired....try it, you'll like it, Hillary. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Use it in the next debate. Lord knows you probably had to fight with Bill let alone Congress. Both Houses would be ready for you. Talk about a fight.

Anonymous said...

I bet Bill went out and got laid last might.

Anonymous said...

Two for Tuesday: Funk wins, Trump wins.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^By the way Funk was in town

Anonymous said...

GW Bush lost his first debate against the flip flopper John Swiftboat Kerry, but the rest is history