Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Show-Me Po'Folk Pay Raise Killing Jobs?!?!

Corporate ruling class and small biz owners argue that science doesn't allow them to pay better wages . . . You decide: Heritage Study: $15 Minimum Wage Would Wipe Out Equivalent of 218,000 Missouri Jobs


Anonymous said...

anybody who knows anything knows that a too-high minimum wage would be extremely counter-productive.

there are problems of fairness, of course, in hiring at the low end of the pay scale, but a too-high minimum wage is not the answer.

the reality s that mcdonalds-type employers with training programs perform an immense public service.

Anonymous said...

THE ROBOTS ARE COMING and minimum-wage jobs will shrink dramatically, which won't be good.

Anonymous said...

If the libtard politicians want to help these people how bout making it a felony for a juvenile to drop out of school?

Mo Rage said...

That's a Right Wing rag. Raising the wage would create jobs. It's proven.