Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Leanne And Gaming The Kansas City Newz

Recently, hottie Leanne Crow shared her love of x-box competition in much the same way our blog community feels passionate about hottie models and current events in our city.

Take a peek:

New Tech For Kansas City Good Life
Swanky downtown apartments to feature KC-made smart home tech
Everybody Loves Online Begging
KC area residents turn to crowdfunding
Leftover Kansas City Gunfire Report
One person shot near Arthur Bryant's BBQ along Brooklyn Avenue
Tragic Local Crash Takes Young Lives
Driver faces DWI, assault, murder charges in Blue Springs crash that killed two children
Police Staffing Move Amid Murder Surge
Additional officers helping KC's homicide squad
Golden Ghetto Law Enforcement Upgrade
Johnson County Sheriff's Office hiring new deputies
Kansas City Indie Publishing AWESOME
Fine print: Zine Con makes KC a DIY boomtown this weekend
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Police Staffing Move Amid Murder Surge .... waste of time.
Just another boondoggle.

Anonymous said...


Leanne keeps abreast of all the latest box maneuvers!!!

Anonymous said...

Good gosh those are massive.

Call of duty indeed.