Friday, September 09, 2016

Kansas City September Morning Right Now

This morning we start our link list with September and move forward. Here's just a few of the local news links we're checking right now . . .

City Hall Booze News Recap
KC City Council passes ordinance allowing grocery stores to sell single-serve alcohol
The Best Clinton Cowtown Visit Write-Up
Clinton Gets Spiritual At National Baptist Convention In Kansas City
Hole Lot Of Infrastructure Neglect
Forgotten sink hole leaves metro family waiting years for a fix
Meth Town Lesson In Fear
Independence police investigate threat made to William Chrisman High School
Last Stand For The Home Team
Kansas City Royals holding onto playoff hopes heading into Chicago
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

As for the water dept.- they do the same things to employee's They forget about what they say they will do for them. One has to raise a stink plus outside legal threats, then, OH MY!- it finally gets done and one is made out to be a hostile employee. Please forgive us, wez in hard times you know.

Anonymous said...

Hillary promised to continue funneling money to corrupt black political leaders, in return for them overlooking her racist and pandering remarks. Neither side really cares about the black community.

Anonymous said...

Amazing (not) how the story about Hillary speaking to the National Baptist Convention failed to mention all the empty seats. Check out the photos on Twitter that show the almost empty cavern.

Anonymous said...


Wake Me Up In September's End!!!

(Green Day collection)