Monday, September 19, 2016


Let's not forget that TKC is just one part and a leader among a large Kansas City blog scene that features some of the best writing in Kansas City.

Accordingly, we should spend just a few seconds addressing a critic bordering on troll because of his hypocritical attacks.


Furthermore, MO RAGE won't engage in any real debate, he just posts Ad hominem attack that is rarely backed up by anything more than a constant social justice warrior sense of entitlement to hate on any opinion with which he disagrees.

No, our love of hotties isn't sexist.

Yes, sometimes commenters posts some nasty stuff but there are also some great insights on this blog and OUR TKC BLOG COMMUNITY REMAINS THE LAST FREE SPEECH ZONE IN KANSAS CITY and one of the most robust places for online conversation in this cowtown . . . Whereas MO Rage won't host a comment that calls him out but rather trolls other comment section and Facebook picking fights and then running away when he's shut down every time.

The reality is, MO RAGE knows our rules . . . He won't delete the link to our blog because our policy in link trading would then delete his link and his "ravings" would disappear from the Internets without a connection to our far more KICK-ASS community than anything he has been able to accomplish within pretty much the same time frame of this blog. 

And not to take things to personal, we appreciate some previous criticism from his blog which noted that . . .

"What's both ironic and really pretty awful is that the cheap, sleazy, "yellow journalism" exhibited daily, nearly hourly over at "Tony's Kansas City" blog probably does a better job of covering local stories, especially at City Hall, and across town, than the Star . . ."

It's always nice to be appreciated.

But let's not focus on the negative . . .


What we've seen in this election season is some very brave people stand up and refuse to let the divisive culture war define their lives . . . Realizing that locals of all demographic and political backgrounds have value . . .

Sadly, so many politically obsessed voters can't separate silly season talking points from reality.

We're humbled by a mention from Uncommon Courage:

My Friends Are My Friends - So Leave Me Alone

And the reality here @ TKC is that we remain a Free Speech Zone but we've stepped up our efforts to clean up SPAM - The only real enemy of Free Speech . . .

What's really interesting in this discussion is that we've noticed a great many so-called "liberals" and "progressives" posting some really racist and horrible stuff in order to call out attention against racism in a convoluted online "protest" that still sets off our filers and fits our TKC blog community definition of SPAM. Our SPAM removal politics have become more stringent with the help from our friends residing in INDIA and THE AWESOME PACIFIC NORTHWEST!!! (Thanks to xalti!)

Nevertheless, our mission continues to provide an ALTERNATIVE KANSAS CITY DISCOURSE and we appreciate criticism and commentary from throughout the local blog community that we have always helped to champion.

You decide . . .


xalti said...

You're welcome TKC.

Just remember.

There is no such thing as silicon prairie.

Just wanted to remind you.

#ReadyForHillary said...

What was that quote you used about low stakes?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that too much self reference is how American theater died.

Anonymous said...

No blogger beef for me, thanks. I'm a vegetarian. Just like Pam!

Anonymous said...

Read this TK,

"A Honeypot For Assholes": Inside Twitter's 10-Year Failure To Stop ...

Most of it is just one tech company trying to undercut another but there are some good points and guidelines there as you go along.

Anonymous said...

Screw MoRage he is a pussy who can't take the heat and admit when he is wrong. I am sure he is one of the attackers on you Tony, Super Dave and chuck. Who cares what he thinks he is so full of himself he's turning brown from all his shit backing up in him. His post on Lynne's blog proves my case beyond all doubt.

As well thanks to xalti for helping to make TKC a cleaner place to be.

Lynne admits in hr piece that she deletes trolls, but, allows fools like Byron and MoRage to either kiss her ass or in so many words call her an ass.

CocoGaugin said...

It was like getting jumped on. I stopped commenting. First time I have said a thing in a while.

Byron Funkhouser said...

One of the better things you have ever written Tony. I did notice that you didn't mention me, when you could have. As a fellow liberal, sometimes I find MO's writing compelling.

8:21 & Coco point out why I've stopped routinely using my real name. Yes, it's exactly like being jumped on.

8:21, Does this count as ass kissing? I didn't have to own the comment I made earlier on her blog since I made that comment anonymously.

Just for the record, & full disclosure, I'm also the person who jokingly asked her to marry me.

That's not ass-kissing, that's appreciating value in a member of the opposite sex.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I could have ducked the whole damn thing, which is one of the benefits of being anonymous.

Nor will I choose between you ...

Anonymous said...

Mo Rage is a loser.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Well, that's deep.

His name is Kevin. What's yours?

CocoGaugin said...

Do you really want real names? I mean, seriously. Does anyone care?

CocoGaugin said...

Still a bit in 3,2,1. One small cup for man, a double for bleary-eyed folks on a Monday. Hello start of the week.

Anonymous said...

Guys like Mo Rage and Byron are mad because they have know Trump is going to win. Then their government paycheck for doing nothing will be gone. And there will no longer be illegal aliens or Muslims to get cozy with their wives.

Even if Hillary wins, she'll be dead with in two years. Parkinson's can do that to someone her age.

Anonymous said...

Tony is a leader? No. Tony and his canned fake as free speech blog is just another libtard farce. Leader my ass.

Anonymous said...

Free speech my left nut, you delete every truthful comment on race that shows up.

Being a hypocrite - preaching one thing but practicing another - is a worse sin than sleazy yellow jourealism. Which you're also guilty of.

Plus you're just a creep in real life.

Anonymous said...

I'll raise your right nut and by jingle, you've been Hooorawed. Thanks TKC for all you do. Another one bites the dust.

Anonymous said...

My Bleu Heaven...crackerjack Mixed colors. Speak to me truthfully. Eyes wide shut?

Anonymous said...

Good job on closing the barn door after the cows got out.

Somebody turned your website into a racist shithole and succeeded.

At least that's the impression everybody else has (it's a racist shithole). That, and a fact free zone.

chuck said...

It is a great web site and without Tony, the political scofflaws that permeate City Hall and run our town by way of voter insouciance and back room deals, would have run our asses into even further economic ruination.

Free Speech is under attack from Liberals, who, like Byron et al, have to suppress the truth when faced with the truth or, admit the truth. Ego driven, pernicious, narcissistic, holier-than-thou proclamations from the left at 110 decibels are all that is left, when free speech forces Liberals out into the light.

CocoGaugin said...

Don't be shy,

Anonymous said...

as long as i can still come on here and express my views on the JIGG'S,

the absolute biggest and non-talked about problem of our time,im satisfied and grateful

btw- even tho MOST of them are completely worthless and highly dangerous ,and oh so fucking expensive to keep,kinda like a big worthless MEAN dog who is of no value to you ,just costs you money to feed,and continue's to hurt people ,which costs you thousand's upon thousand's of dollars .

i am smart enough to know that America's BIGGEST blunder,EVER, in its young history was participating in the slave trade..

quite simply, We Fucked Ourselves.Anyone who has a problem with what i said,they can go do exactly what they have been doing ,all along-Fucking themselves , Fucking the rest of us,and Fucking this country up,to the point of no return.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's chuck, speaking of racist shitholes!

Anonymous said...

Wow so the big news is a blog that doesn't make any money in the first place has to pay people to remove comments (mostly realistic race-based comments) its owner disagrees with?

Wow, they DID win!!!

Because nobody would so said work for free.

But yeah, too late. This blog and Tony's reputation has a huge stain that can't be removed now!!!

A little too late my shaggy little chum


Anonymous said...

So this is what you stand for? Or just a part deux? Control it or it controls you? Who is the master and or slave to this vile rant under the guise of free speech. This is how you do it...laptop lynching?

Anonymous said...

Yeah your "spam removal politics"...uhh whatever that fucking means...are clearly cleaning up comments on TKC:

Anonymous 9/17/16, 7:38 AM
I gotta get in the balloon business, black people sure buy alot of them.


Anonymous 9/19/16, 12:23 PM
Fuck this Jigg and the white man he rode in on!!


Anonymous 9/19/16, 2:45 AM
One of them died on I-70 last night. Of course if it was a groid I wouldn't accept its organs no matter how badly I needed them.


Anonymous 9/17/16, 11:34 AM
Gonna be open season here shortly.

"I felt threatened because blacks commit most of the crimes in the U.S. and I saw one. So I shot him."

"You're free to go. Have a nice day. We'll call Animal Control."


Anonymous 9/17/16, 1:39 PM
Byron is right of course, something needs to be done about the negro issue.

The legislature has now given us whites a useful weapon!


Anonymous 9/17/16, 3:15 PM
The 800 pound gorilla in the room on this issue are the 200 to 300 pound gorillas roaming American cities carrying guns.


So this is another joke too I take it.

cml said...


Your idea of "laptop lynching" is anyone who doesn't agree with you.

Free Speech is Free Speech for everyone not just those who agree with you.

You could always just read the KC Star.

Anonymous said...

If only the Huns had machine gunned chuck's grandfather a little lower - right in the nuts - we wouldn't have to listen to his sniveling drivel in 2016.

Or if only the japs had dropped a bomb directly on chuck's dad at Pearl Harbor.

Ahhhh what might have been.


Anonymous said...

Yeah that's sure a lot of ugly racism that still seems to fester today despite his "spam removal politics."

Anonymous said...

This was a great comment thread. N word, genocide, chuck...and thanks to the Internet it will live forever thanks to Tony Botello, Pillar of the Community.

You're trying to clean a stain that has already set in, Tony. A stain that cannot be erased.


p.s. hahaha

CocoGaugin said...

And now a word from our sponsors... Free speech anyone?

Anonymous said...

Sure I'll speak! Thanks!!

Check this shit out: all these filthy welfare negroes, including the females, are getting VERY VERY UPPITY !!

We need Jim Crow like never before.

This grease monkey would not have had the chance to attack this white man in a SANE country with proper segregation.

I bet a million bucks that this beast gets ZERO attention from black men and blames whitey for her failure. She is only seeking revenge for her dirty black skin and nappy hair. And by 2017, HUD is moving these violent sub-creatures to your neighborhood.

CocoGaugin said...

I am stalked by this racist. Crazy stuff TKC. Watch and see.

chuck said...


That's right.

None of them got us and you won't either.

You will just run your mouth, anonymously on TKC's blog, except when you are taking pictures of your 2 inch cock with your cell phone and sending them to yourself.

Your idea of being in harm's way, is exposure to the truth.

Free Speech. That's right.

I think your phone just got a message. Maybe a picture?

Anonymous said...

Ugh, insane in the membrane stuff here. I just like to chat in between my Twinkie buzz and Pinot. I talk shite and have a go and tickle. Just a bit of fun. I got work to do. This madman can have his way. I got a life. Tosser.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is beyond free speech TKC...

Anonymous said...

And yet, you do nothing ....and I. Go into oblivion. And racial hatred inflames and you are a rat in a maze? Hitler started the same way.

Anonymous said...

I defended you. Am I alone? Cowardice takes hold of shadows among wirey men. Enjoy the the show? Betty White was right. Vaginas take a pounding, grow a pair? Lost a some already... You let this racist win? I thought there were intellectuals all about. Pussies.

Anonymous said...

Yup all you white boys who don't hunker down and kiss Tnoy's fat ass will be attacked on this blog by a bunch of Tonys ass kissing friends and alter egos, deleted, labeled a spammer and racist by the very brown clown who has more racial issues than Malcom X. Who the fuck is this Mickey Mouse jackass kidding?

chuck said...


You're not the first anonymous pussy to use my name on here. It happens all the time.

Might vote for Trump after all said...

Those are all nasty opinions but they are not spam. You can't make the world agree with you, liberal losers.

JoJo said...

I like some of the garbage cleaned up. There are some great comments in here along with shitry ones. That's life.

I like some of the political stuff that I don't see anywhere else but I also appreciate the crime news that u link. Sometimes the news stations gloss over that kind of stuff but this blog does the right thing and highlights it.

We need more conversation about our city, not less. I read the Star and TKC and some of the TV news. There is no reason to walk around with your head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

^^^ and of course you get to decide what the garbage is libtard.

JoJo said...

^^^^ "libtard" wouldn't come close to describing me. I am certain I have far more contacts among Republicans in both Missouri and Kansas than you could ever imagine. I know that you think that pretend to be somebody your not on the Internet is fun but it just makes you look desperate. Most of us just use this blog of quick info, a chrap laugh and maybe some work safe eye candy. You, on the other hand don't seem like someone anybody wants to be around. I gused that's why your looking for validation online. Good luck with that, the rest of us have lives.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Wow, I didn't see this coming.

I expected maybe one or two more comments.

My wife & I just finished watching a movie called "No Men Beyond This Point"

Chuck wouldn't like it. But, then he's just a dinosaur.

Bob said...

Wow, 5:22, you watch movies? How learned you must be!

Anonymous said...

3:45 I am sure a mover and shaker like you comes to TKC to exercise your knack for influence Mr. Full of Shit!


Anonymous said...

Free speech is great. Can we have MORE TITS PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

I agree. God knows we have seen enough ass!

Mo Rage said...

I love it.

You knock a guy for being a sexist, misogynistic pig, even though he very likely wouldn't know the definition of misogyny, and what does he do?

Puts up a sexist pic of a woman.

Dissected like cattle.

You can't write stuff better.


Answer The Question said...

But Mo Rage, you still link him on your blog. If aren't answering the question. If you object so much then why do you still connect to him?

Anonymous said...

I like TKC.

He's pretty cool!