Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Celebrate Kansas City Hollywood Tax Breaks

Here's just a bit of movie biz hype for another City Hall gimmie effort that hopes to attract denizens shooting something besides illegal guns. Take a look: First Two Production Teams Take Advantage Of Kansas City's Rebates For Filmmakers


Anonymous said...

Such a blighted industry, filmmaking. Good thing they're applying for this welfare.

Anonymous said...

If we could just get movies made in KC the murder rate would drop dramatically.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely zero return on these tax breaks.

Anonymous said...

They tried this routine in the 1990's and every movie that was made here independently was a total FAILURE !!

How do I know this ????

Because I was in one of those failure movies shot here in Kansas City in the 1990's,, I has a small part

When shown in local theaters the lighting in the movie was so badd you could NOT see any of the actors

the sound so badd you couldn't hear anything anybody was saying

BUT the producers & directors got paid, and that's all that matters apparently ????????????

Yaaaa' lets make movies that in the end nobody can see or hear,,,,, shitttttt so funny,,,,,,

what was the name of the movie I was in ??????

GOOD Question I don't remember it was that badd !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a failure because it was cast with angry Z list guys like those people who post under pseudonyms on blogs.