Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kansas City Faker Robs Preggo Lady

A reminder that there's no honor among the criminal class in Kansas City. Checkit: Scheming burglar said he was serving warrant before robbing pregnant Kansas City woman


Anonymous said...

This cop culture has gotten out of hand, they US should have never let the Nazis in after WWII. J. Edgar Hoover use to send Nazi SS autographed pictures over to INTERPOL in 1943.

Anonymous said...

So three guys with AK47 looking weapons come barging through your door, shouting "police", pointing guns at you and ordering you to get down on your face.

Your choices are obey and maybe die, hope the fuck they are cops or attempt to protect your home and family and get injured at a minimum. Even if they show you card ID I bet 99 percent of the population can't tell you what a local police ID even looks like. Some fucking choice. Welcome to America.