Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kansas City And The August Link Pool

On this last afternoon of the month we not only take a peek at Kansas City links but also admire the body of work of August Ames who is a rising star pr0n hottie who is quickly earning an International name for herself for her beach bod among other things.

And now, check this collection of local news that's almost as captivating . . .

Kansas City Rolling Commerce Collision
Car crashes into storefront in KCMO
Newspaper City Hall Consideration
KC Council member vs. police over expired tags is a tale of our times
Rock Chalk Search For Solutions
Gov. Sam Brownback seeking opinions, ideas on Kansas school funding
Tiger Animal Cruelty Alleged
Mizzou Researchers Blind and Kill Puppies, University Demands Tens of Thousands for Related Records
Navigating Kansas City Gets Harder
Ramp in KC's downtown loop closed for Grand Boulevard bridge construction
Alt. Newspaper Time Of The Season
The Pitch's 2016 Fall Guide is here
Community Service KCMO Cleanup
Kansas City man grabs friend, cleans up lot overgrown by weeds where 2 firefighters lost their lives
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

....and then runs to tell SOCIAL MEDIA all about his good deeds.

Anonymous said...

More Allissia Canady stories please! That shit is funny.

Anonymous said...


A warm and moist August comes to a climax today!!!

(Was it good for you too?)

Anonymous said...

Abouhalkah gets PARTIAL credit for his article concerning Councilwoman Canady's childish unprofessional antics.

Alissia Canady is 100 percent TOTALLY to blame for all the negativity coming her way, and the embarrassment she's brought to the KC Council.

This episode is NOT about whether the KCPD needs clearer guidelines for towing; any possible injustices black Americans may have suffered at the hands of law enforcement; or any other desperate attempt to deflect responsibility from Ms. Canady.

Mr. Abouhalkah was wrong to bring up any other issues beyond the fact that Councilwoman Canady was negligent in fulfilling her duties as a responsible vehicle driver. End of story.

Mr. Abouhalkah should be rightfully proud that his son is a member of the KCPD.