Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Internets Startups Save Kansas City Economy?!?!

Compared with the thousands of jobs that have abandoned Kansas City over the past year, this isn't such a big deal but biz presser copy is widely accepted as fact amid the decline of Dead Tree Media. Take a look: Digital Sandbox reports substantial impact in Kansas City economy


Anonymous said...

More of the KCMO fibbing about numbers. If a tech startup has an idea with any merit, there are hundreds of are rich tech guys doing angel and seed investing at the low end. These guys invest in increments of $1 million. $25K is laughable in the venture capital industry.

Anonymous said...

Another breathless announcement by some agency or organization about their own great success!
Next stop?
An article in some obscure online "publication".
Is this where KCMO city hall gets its ideas about self-promotion, or is it the other way around?
Comical in either case.

Anonymous said...

KC wasn't even on this years list for best startup cities.

No surprise there.