Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Garage Door Suspect Stalks South Leawood

Golden Ghetto crime remains a growing problem as police offer a glimpse of a suspect in a string of thefts. Checkit: Police investigate multiple thefts in south Leawood


Anonymous said...

These feral whites. Imagine that... When the news doesn't mention the race of the suspect, you know exactly what you're looking for.

The whole community needs to clean it's act up. Why is it that we give these whites everything and yet they still do this?

Oh, sorry, having a typical tkc racist commenter moment. But since these suspects aren't black you'll notice the tkc brain trust is silent. It doesn't support their stereotypes thus is ignored.

Tim said...

Feral poor and uneducated folks, whether black, white or Hispanic, are the problem. said...


You're so full of shit and even you know it.

One white guy steals something and the tsunami of black feral violence is no longer relevant.

Shut the fuck up you clown.

Anonymous said...

Who leaves their garage door open???

Anonymous said...

The guy isn't white he is mexican.