Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Tragic note on another local crime trend that not only scares locals but also hurts small biz. Read more: Midtown robbery leaves Kansas City man without expensive lawn equipment, one of three in three days


Anonymous said...

Get a gun. In KC you are on your own.

Anonymous said...

guy trying to make a honest living
scumbags dont know anything about that shit
it ain't nothing for them to liberate your tools
and the only way for you to pay your bills and feed your kids
they need to be hunted like dogs and kicked in the teeth,
before you call the law,,because lets face it,the owner would have a better shot at catching them than police..jut a little property crime,to them

Anonymous said...

Like being a prisoner in your neighborhood or house or apartment. The constant bullying and harassment for snitching calling the cops or complaining. It's a flipping war zone out here. One thing, Always look behind you...

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ i feel for you truly, if you have to live in one of these hoods.
i know there are good people ,everywhere and i couldnt imagine having to live like that. well i can actually.i lived in an apartment at 34th & troost ,for a little while..had to get the fuck out.

i know some of us aren't able to just pick up and burn out.

best wishes to you and do keep your head on a swivel !!

Anonymous said...

Killa City Home to Crime.
A supermarket for the criminal, easy pickings, with nothing to stop the criminal.

Bob said...

Change the law to allow deadly force to prevent theft of or damage to valuable property. When the criminal knows you are powerless to prevent theft, he takes it as license to steal.