Thursday, July 21, 2016


This financial news source of record offers impressive accolades:  

"Outreach by city’s first African-American police chief may be why it has avoided protests that erupted elsewhere"

And while police budget trouble takes officers off the street and a 5-year-high-homicide trend continues . . . This is undoubtedly an important bit of high praise: Kansas City Chief Builds Bridges to Black Residents


Anonymous said...

Pandering to the cause and stating that your officers are racist and that the department has so much wrong with it is not the way to help the issue

Anonymous said...

The post just above indicates that there have been 55 homicides in KCMO so far this year.
At least two every week, eight every month, heading for at least 100 in 2016.
And the clearance rate for murders is around 44%.
What exactly is the "relationship" with the black community and the millions being spent on organizations like KC NoVa, Aim4Peace, Mothers in Charge, and who knows how many others, actually accomplishing in the way of safer neighborhoods on the east side?
Or is policing in KCMO just like everything else that comes out of city hall?
Announcements, claims, assertions, blaming others, hype, and superficial meaningless crap.
Big-time out-of-town media and press coverage doesn't be squat for folks actually living in those neighborhoods.
How about some results?

Anonymous said...

If not arresting criminals helps relations with the black community I suppose he has succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the intent is to keep black on black homicides going, since the liberal media definitely doesn't care since it doesn't fit their narrative.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ population control...?

Anonymous said...

Traitor to the badge and the oath.

Anonymous said...

He's a RACE HATER just like his homies he has within the upper ranks. It's no secret to anyone whose been around a bit within this so called organization. Even the Mayor spouted off about the "Real Issues" with the black community he made on live airwaves with Dana and Parks on 98.1 almost 2 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Only a racist would accuse a Black man of being racist.

It isn't possible, for the same reasons that there is no such thing as a Black on White hate crime, & why the NAACP & La Raza are not racist, while the KKK & other white supremacists groups are.

It shows a complete ignorance of historical context, & a deep denial of current reality.

The point of Black Lives Matter is that they don't in the eyes of many americans.

The point of Black Power is that they don't have any.

A white man who hates black men is an evil racist, there is not justification or rationalization that will convince anyone except other evil racist.

We were, & are, a racist country. Instead of pointing fingers at Black public officials look in the mirror.

JoJo said...

The Chief is doing a decent job. But the fact that we're giving him high praise simply because there's not a riot in the streets speaks a lot to how bad things have become.

Anonymous said...

1:03 ^^^^ writes only one true, but incomplete statement -- "The point of Black Lives Matter is that they don't in the eyes of many americans."

The point of BLM is that they don't TO EACH OTHER!

Fixed it for ya.
Signed, Mr. Barkley

p.s. It's "A"mericans, not "a"mericans!

Anonymous said...


Obviously, you didn't see the so called Chief of KCPD make the comments he did against his rank and file during what I think what was a public hearing (?) last week. As a private citizen of Kansas City, I saw it on the news and felt very disgusted by his comments. I have no family or friends who are associated with the KCPD. His comments jeopardized the livelihood of his Officers. Plain and Simple!

Anonymous said...

The Wall Street Journal is a stock market and financial news rag and I will bet there is not a single reported who has spent fifteen minutes in law enforcement before they dreamed up this self serving adulation and awarding directed at Forte. So what is next, Hustler magazine awards preacher of the year? This is certified baloney.