Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Show-Me The Team Kander Bus Tour!!!

Kansas City's favorite politico has his face plastered to the side of a bus in order to beat his GOP nemesis who has barely started to campaign. Checkit: Kander launches bus tour, while Blunt prepares to head out on his own


Anonymous said...

It's good of Jason to make it look like he's really in this race. What are his plans after November?

Anonymous said...

He's hoping his wife can get him a no-show gig at the Kaufmann Foundation or maybe find something similar with KCMO or Jackson County.
When local government is a trough of tax money for unqualified family and friends and being an insider tops any experience or credentials someone might have, the options are endless.
Kander is like most of the local politico wannabes.
He'll NEVER go away.

Anonymous said...

What are his views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

Blunt for office. Funny. He should go out and campaign with Chief Wanna Dubie. The Dubie and Blunt ticket.

Anonymous said...

"what are his plans after November?" Does anyone know of a politician or bureaucrat that joins a private business that's not sucking at the taxpayer teat? Lobbyists, lawyers, bureaucrats or looking to the next election. Their entire lives are spent not producing anything of value.

Anonymous said...


Jason Kander rides the SHORT BUS!!!!!

Kander realized about 2 weeks ago that his risky proposition to leapfrog into the US Senate from MO SOS was a no-go.

Began trying to distance himself from Crooked Hillary, and stated that he wouldn't be at the Philly convention due to "prior commitments."

Come November, Kander will be forced to "spend more time with family"!!

Phil Cardarella said...

Actually, Kander is a real threat to the MoGOP posterboy for empowering the crazies. Blunt is pretty bad on his own, but is willing to kowtow to the NRA and other crazies to enjoy his safe, comfortable political existence.

Anonymous said...

Phil, is now watching the retard-a-thon from Philadelphia. The 6 million plus law abiding citizens that make up the NRA only want criminals punished and the government to abide by the constitutional rights we are all guarenteed.