Saturday, July 30, 2016


Money line for this important poll that has been overlooked by most local media in contest where both candidates have a long public history with plenty of time for people to make up their mind by now:

"Pollsters also found that (Hillary) Clinton and the GOP nominee (Donald Trump) are each viewed unfavorably by about half of Missouri’s registered voters."

Poll: Clinton, Trump virtually tied in Missouri


Anonymous said...

Because the media is overwhelmingly liberal and in support of Hillary's candidacy, the message most believe is that Clinton has the advantage heading toward November.

It is exactly because of this skewed message, broadcast daily, that a great many people will be surprised when Republican nominee Trump pulls off a win come election day.

Political pundits, national media talking heads, and party officials will be asking, "How did we get it so wrong?" And the answer of course is that they wanted Hillary to win so bad, that they practiced a form of self-delusion in which they ignored the unprecedented level of distrust with the political status quo.

By ignoring Americans plea for "NO MORE BUSHES, NO MORE CLINTONS" the corrupt Democratic National Committee sealed their fate as losers at least a year in advance of the election.

A generation of current Democratic Party officeholders (including McCaskill and Cleaver) will be gone from Washington, D.C. before a Democrat occupies the White House again.

Anonymous said...

From your mouth to G-d's ear.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Hilly and gang are gonna be "throwed" by Trump's victory. Instead of the often blamed "right wing of conspirators" , they'll blame THAT VAST RUSSIAN RING OF THE KREMLIN for hacking the election tabulations data. Wow, Cleaver's furious hoppin' and hollerin' will be yuuuuuge.

Bob said...

Obama's security czar Ben Rhodes remarked, regarding the Iran agreement, that he could create an echo chamber among journalists (all of whom seemed to be 27 years old and knew absolutely nothing) just by saying things that they'd go out and repeat. You see the same thing in the Star every day, both from the few local staff who still have a job, and from syndicated news releases. It is no more possible to trust today's media to provide objective truth than to expect Pravda circa 1970 to report accurately about Soviet politics.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...the debates will be upon us soon. I've been waiting for this moment. My heart is racing just thinking about it! Soon my precious....