Friday, July 22, 2016

Kansas City Airport Cash Is The Real Motivation Behind Single-Terminal Scheme

For our NEXT LEVEL readers . . . This financial tidbit offers real insight into efforts to destroy a beloved airport and start looting another local resource: Fitch Affirms Kansas City, MO's Sub Airport Revs at 'A'; Outlook Stable | Business Wire


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KCI: A Parking Lot With An Airport Next Door?

"The airport's non-airline revenue is driven by strong parking revenue, which accounted for approximately 43% of total operating revenue in fiscal 2016. Parking revenue has increased 5.3% to $52.6 million, and airport management expects an additional over 5% increase in fiscal 2017, as the airport increases parking rates. Parking revenue remains stable as the airport benefits from little parking competition and recent increases in passenger traffic."

Mayor James Said Single Terminal Airport Would Be Paid For By Airlines, Not Taxpayers

"The airport's terminal redevelopment remains uncertain at this time, as Kansas City Council chose to put plans on hold for fiscal 2016. Future terminal redevelopment plans will require Council and voter approval. While there are no funding plans outlined at this time, Fitch expects additional airport borrowings to finance portions of the terminal, which could impact current financial metrics."
Note the phrase "additional airport borrowings"

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ok, so someone connect the dots for me in plain English. Please!

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Author, Author !

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there are topics with which one can always open a discussion, be it at a bar or otherwise, and the airport has become such a subject.

break in the conversation? bring up the airport.

notwithstanding all the talk, no voter approval is going to happen, so talk is cheap.