Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Talk of American history and social engineering for this Kansas City collection of chattering class denizens can't seem to develop real world goals for reducing the homicide count.

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Fox4: KC task force to reduce violence highlights four focus areas before making recommendations

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"The mayor`s Citizens Task Force on Violence met Tuesday night, hoping the highlight its progress, but to some they`ve barely scratched the surface. After assembling six months ago, hearing from experts, looking at data, and getting community feedback, the task force’s chair outlined four major areas for committees to address.

"They include mapping and coordinating all different social service providers, and organizations that are already working on some of the violence issues, community engagement, public education and outreach, and community investment and opportunities.

"However, some community members say those areas don`t get to the root causes. Two community members said the real education starts with the task force going door-to-door, and speaking to people who live in the high-crime neighborhoods that are predominately black. They say the root cause of the violence really starts with deep-rooted self-hate that’s never been addressed, that goes way back to slavery . . . "

Read the entire report @ Fox4.

Meanwhile, one of the main concerns of our blog community has been FULLY FUNDING THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AND PUSHING BACK AGAINST STAFF REDUCTIONS while this group of politicos appointed by the Mayor talks about this issue in theory and like they're doing a guest spot on cable news.

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Bryan M. Stalder, Esq. said...

Self hate in black communities??? Jesus Christ. Last weekend the Star yanked an editorial for victim blaming and now the mayor has organized a task force that concludes violence in KC is because black folks hate themselves.

I think many of the folks who lives East of Troost live there because we hate *them*.

Put social services, job opportunities and community activities in the vacant KCPS schools. Partner with KCPS to fund safe, monitored activities and transportation. Abate property tax for everyone in specific zip codes for 25 years. Focus 50% or more of all infrastructure repairs in these zones. Build more affordable housing in the Northland, specifically in the Twin Creeks development with comprehensive bus routes to connect these areas to Northland amenities.

Oooh, appoint Mr. Mayor said...

I just want to be apart of a team for the Mayor. That means I'll get to be on tv. What an opportunity to LOOK AT MEEEE. I know I can't contribute much or anything at all but people will think I can. Another round of applause for the Mothers in Charge group too. Congrats, your sons and loved ones are dead. 100% succesd rate.

Anonymous said...

Black folks hate each other, not themselves. White people also hate other white people, its just that they don't refer to it as self-hate. That misguided and distracting descriptor is only assigned to Blacks, by Blacks. Its a judgement where judgements should be restrained. This group has no answers and no ideas. That's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will get better until we rip out the toy train tracks with our bare hands and put all the toy train supporters and riders in jail. It is the cause of all problems, and all problems will be magically solved by getting rid of it.

And if you believe that, Bryan Stalder has a migacl bus plan that goes everywhere you can dream from wherever you are at any time for free! He promised to show it to us 2 years ago, but he's been very busy makig Northeast into the paradise it is, and drawing the same cartoon joke over and over.

Anonymous said...

For fucks sake! Does anyone honestly think that this group was assembled for any reason other than to divert blame from incompetent politicians? They never had the authority to do shit. The are not experts in criminology or criminal justice. There is not a single indication that they exist for any reason except to be the punching bag in this scenario. They are nothing but a part of the ongoing dog and pony show designed to save bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

oh great another meaningless protest clogging up The Plaza.

Anonymous said...

The need to investigate the streetcar. I read on a news source that it is the cause of bad stuff.

Anonymous said...

What it really boils down to is this: Whites don't hate blacks who are peaceful hard working law abiding citizens who have morals and values, and love this country. But according to what we see on the news everyday it seems the decent blacks are outnumbered by the uncivilized ignorant blacks. That is very worrisome to a lot of people. Too many blacks just don't give a shit and are causing too many problems across the country. And it's getting worse. Too many are being brainwashed by hate groups, race baiters and lies. We are seeing to many blacks yelling and screaming extreme obscenities in the presence of children and too many burning American flags. These are displays of ignorance, hate, and racism.

The blacks that are always acting uncivilized and ignorant are the ones we don't like . The blacks that are responsible for a crime rate 5 times higher than normal for their race. The blacks who don't contribute to society and think the government owes them. The blacks who hate all law enforcement because they are gullible enough to believe all the lies being told. The blacks who support black hate groups and terrorist groups. The blacks who think illegal aliens are good for America. The blacks that are constantly protesting and causing disruptions for silly reasons or isolated incidents which also helps make our taxes increase. The blacks who set bad examples for their children and lack any parenting skills .

You get the picture. The ignorant blacks don't focus on their own problems they are causing in their own communities. As a result, what goes on in their own communities including criminal activity spreads throughout the city.

White people just want ALL black people to act civilized and like they have some common sense. We are tired of the black violence, the black crime rate, the violent protests for stupid reasons, and the ignorant savage behavior. This country will never move forward until blacks learn how to act civilized, obey the law, obey the cops, and stop telling so many damn lies. Too many blacks are acting like blacks do in 3rd world countries, where the only rule of law they believe in is revenge.

For the record, more whites are killed by cops every year than blacks. More whites are shot by mistake by cops. Blacks have created an imaginary tale that suggest cops are shooting mass numbers of blacks and only shoot them because they are black. They believe all cops are guilty of murder regardless of the circumstances. And the gullible blacks believe every lie they hear. To this day blacks believe Darrin Wilson should be sitting in prison for shooting criminal Michael Brown. It's that kind of mentality that makes blacks look ignorant and uneducated.

Anonymous said...

This group was put together solely to get an expensive free lunch each month, courtesy of the citizens of Kansas City. Thanks, you dumb motherfuckers for all the wine and good eats we enjoyed.