Friday, July 29, 2016

Despite Mayor Sly's Promise To Tear Down Dangerous Buildings: Another Kansas City Vacant Urban Core House Burns Under Mysterious Circumstances This Morning

MSM follow-up reality check on the $10 Million Mayor Sly touts to fight Kansas City blight that remains heretofore unseen. Take a look at an e-tax promise update: Bomb, arson investigators probe fire that damaged northeast KC home


Anonymous said...

The many lies of the fire department:

1. They are heroes just for being firefighters.
2. They have the ability to save structures.
3. They are not a racist union thugs assisting people based solely or their ethnic sounding names or skin color.
4. Most firefighters are good citizens.
5. They do not abuse their tax paying citizens.
6. They do not steal.
7. They do not lie.
8. They chose the job to serve people.
9. Union thug tactics are always needed to intimidate the people they “serve.”
10. Firefighters are trustworthy.
11. They don’t pad their stats with ambulance calls to justify a larger share of the budget.
12. Having worked for MAST doesnt make you a target.

Hyperblogal said...

This house has been a real problem with drug dealing and squatters... shame, it could have been a nice place with the right ownership.

Anonymous said...

Don't soft-soap it, guys: the toy train is the reason. Before the Toy Train, northeast was like Mission Hills.

Anonymous said...

Missouri has two big problems:

1. Starting a meth lab is the best way to make a living for half the population.

2. Most public schools no longer teach "frills" like chemistry.

Anonymous said...

There is no one left on the fire dept., they were all laid off to pay for Sly's toy train. Don't you read?

gallahadian said...

northeast has been very crime active this year, the past few years have been spiking in criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

KCMO Mayor Sly James is nothing more than a Degenerate Liberal Government Termite, living off you the Tax Payers dimes, Govt. Welfare what it is,,, and he gets really nice luxury benefits that YOU Pay for, while he lies and bullshits to the Naïve Zombies that believe his utter bullshit = FACT !!!!!!