Sunday, June 12, 2016

Trump Confounds Kansas RINOS

Here's more pondering about the panic and celebration of a recent poll that has Trump losing to Hillary in solidly red state Kansas . . . At the end of the screed, even the author admits that voting the party line is probably the most likely scenario for Sunflower State GOP loyalists: The Matter with Kansas


Anonymous said...

Trump is more liberal than people think, especially on social issues. And that wall will never be built. I'm willing to bet anyone on that.

Anonymous said...

@620, what is amazing is that there are enough white males making less than $30,000 a year, with a HS education or less that wont take the effort to educate themselves on what pre-development involves.

Basic questions on the wall:
1. On whose land is this wall going to be built on?
2. Related to 1, how long will it take to condemn private property for unwilling property owners.
1 and 2 are just starters.

3. How long to draw up bid specifications.
4. EIS process? Again, how long?
5. Assuming you can navigate through the environmental issues, how are you going to handle staging of materials, access to remote locations, building over the friggin' Rio Grande?

Someone who actually has the knowledge to generate a Gant chart to reflect the basic pre-development tasks and subtasks could easily get to 6 years of pre-development just to get to a Record of Decision on the environmental alone.

All of these actions assume that funding is in place.

People, I am sitting this election out, but if you are going to buy into Trumps line, at least consider it critically.

You could go on and on with his positions on trade agreements, exporting 11 million aliens, bringing jobs back, etc. But the real issue is, everyone is choosing up sides based upon political rhetoric that is not exposed to the simple question of, "how the hell are you going to do that"?

Trump is selling his line like an infomercial? Any of you actually drop $4 grand to attend a real estate school because a rich guy lends his name to it?

We continue to get the crappiest candidates for higher office because most people don't hold the potential electeds to basic logic.

I have voted many times for Republicans in the past, but while they may be "establishment", they knew what the hell they were talking about.

I believe in the benefit of a two-part system, and Trump is about to crater the conservative/red side of the balance. He has successfully patched together angry white, low skilled people who blame every ill on someone lower on the food chain. In November, the electoral map will be red in the deep south and a handful of predominately rural, low population states.

States like Arizona, NM and even Texas could come into play. Thinking Republicans recognize the changing demographics, and tried, unsuccessfully build a better tent based upon understanding of conservative principals. They have been working at that since Romney lost.

But keep buying the Trump line that he will do well with Hispanics, Blacks, and Sanders supporters. Yea, that will happen.

Come November, our bud Tony will spin up unrelenting cut and paste about the end of the world because Hillary will win and you all will continue to bite down hard. Like it matters.

A better theme will be, we did not get what we wanted, but we got what we deserved.

Anonymous said...

...and yet Trump is 10000 times better than what Clinton brings to the party. Just more of the libtard blowing and going about how stupid, racist, ignorant voters are when Trump has already gotten 3 million more votes that Romney ever got. It is this very pompous, know better attitude that has brought America to this point. The reason Trump has succeeded is not because voters like Trump. They simply like anything that isn't the status quo they are sick of financing. These all knowing libtards just can not seem to understand that the American people are fed up and, like it or not, the normal way of politics is about to change in this country.

BTW: I'm not a 30K a year high school/GED touting white man. I'm an American India veteran who worked a full time job, ran a business and spent 12 years getting my Masters. I paid for it. I worked for it. I got no hand out. I still paid my bills and took care of my obligations. Not being black I didn't have libtards pandering to me.

Anonymous said...


I am better looking than Tom Cruise and I used to date Kate Upton.

All is true on Tony's KC.

Anonymous said...

If you were only a scientologist you could belong to the really special, elite, grade A, top shelf, super credible, walk on water, genius, know it all. 30 something's, owns the world group. Just bring your Chinese made sheepskin and the official transcripts you bitched about until they changed them.

Anonymous said...

America COULD build a yuuuuge, beeyuuuutiful wall!!! SHOULD we, and WOULD it be reasonable? Hoover Dam, now that's a damn good example along with that other engineered marvel right nearby---the Mike O'Callaghan & Pat Tillman Bridge!!! Google those world's wonders, and a mere wall would be SO EASY.
The capability for a tall wall is there, the capital...uh, think we spent it on the 13 year global "War On Terror". Yep, $1.7 TRILLION is the report from the Congressional Research Service. That $1.7 bigguns is for actual engagements and conflict zone reconstruction up to the end of 2015. Total associated costs are said to be over $6 TRILLION when adding in a long list--veteran and dependent care, compensated loss by deaths and injuries, adjudications, and much more.

9:28, perhaps we won't need a wall in the concrete and steel form. There's enough veterans and others willing to and needing work, that effective border security components could be quickly put in place. I bet there's yuuuuge contingents that are expert at setting up the forward operating bases--wires and watchtowers and sniper scopes. Americans see unchecked immigration as WAR'S AT THEIR OWN SHORES WITH INVASION THROUGH THE BACKDOOR....AND THEY'RE NOT TAKING IT....ANYMORE!!!

Anonymous said...

12 years to get a masters? boy, are you dumb.

Anonymous said...

No. Pull that siver spoon out of your fat ass a grasp the notion that instead of mooching and pandering some folks work to achieve. Now, Mother Fucker, if you think you can run a business, raise a family, work a full time job, attend classes and beat that, without your daddy writing a check or two, then pull your momma's titty out and show me how it is done ya fucking entitled, mooching little know it all shit.

Anonymous said...

senator orman was ahead of pat roberts in similar, biased polls.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Damn good point, the poll is just a publicity stunt for the polling company.