In a thoughtful post which reveals that this Kansas City media dude is CERTAINLY a class act . . . This Kansas City talker gives us the behind the scenes deets on his departure from a local station AND offers a hint at his comeback already in the works.


Greg Knapp: More People Care About You Than You Know

Money line:

"After my radio show last Wednesday I was told that corporate was looking at saving money and decided the best way to do that was to lay me off. For the past 5 years I have consistently had the highest ratings on the station, so I was told repeatedly it was not about my performance. My general manager was very kind in telling me how much she appreciated my show and my work.

"This sometimes happens in radio. Does it stink and hurt? Yeah, but I get it. I’ve been in the business for 20 years now. It’s actually been great to me. I’ve had more fun and made more money at it than anything else I’ve done in my life. And it’s not over, yet. This is just a temporary setback. I’ve already had people express interest in my show and I’m excited about what might come next."

We look forward to the return of Mr. Knapp and we thank him for his kind mentions of our blog community over the years.

Developing . . .


  1. Greg seems to be wanting to take the same road as Mr. Glazer and not want to tell the truth or in his contract he is not able to tell the truth. Either way, you don't mess with the radio Gods. They have the power to do many things which in the end means less money in your pocket. I'm sure someone else will sign up Greg at considerably less amount of money.

  2. Sorry but I have never heard of this guy or his show.

  3. Have you heard of Capitalism?

  4. Not sure if there is any end in sight. Poor economy with lower income, less money being spent by consumers, fewer advertising dollars to invest, less income for station, get rid of shows despite consistent ratings, fill time with crap.

    Since 980 let Darla Jaye go, their morning show is an embarrassing hodgepodge of news and blabber.

  5. Greg Knapp was really good. When I tuned in I thought he was a nationally syndicated guy until I heard him talking about local issues. This was not a wise move by the station.

    1. KCMO radio has progressively gone downhill since April.I can barely listen any more.

  6. Who's Greg Knapp?

  7. I listen to talk radio and NPR all day every day while I'm working. Greg Knapp used to be in the mornings and then they moved him to the afternoons about a year and a half ago. I like what KCMO has been doing by hiring more hosts to speak about a range of things including local issues, although it's a little disappointing that all of the hosts live in JoCo or Grandview so their perspectives on KC culture is a lot different than you'd get from KCUR's Central Standard. I really liked Greg Knapp's program even though I didn't agree with a lot of his politics. I'm going to miss him. I'm a little surprised that he got bumped for Tom Becka, who left KMBZ 980 a little over a decade ago. I'm *not* a Tom Becka fan but he's up against Rush Limbaugh so I have been listening to Rush. Mike Ferguson's program is also really good but they cut it down to an hour and moved it back, so I usually miss it. The afternoons are just syndicated programs that I don't care for so I listen to The World on NPR.

    BTW, The Rob Carson / Jared Carter program on KCMO 710 from 6:AM - 10:AM is probably the best radio program KC has had in a long time. If y'all haven't heard it, I recommend it.

  8. Wait a second, let me see if I've got this straight.

    You mean to tell me that in 2016, there are still rubes and clods out there listening to terrestrial radio?

    With wacky weather updates and Gail's Harley Davidson commercials?

    You idiots are still subjecting yourselves to that shit?

  9. Replacing Greg Knapp with the giggling, stuttering, incomprehensible Tom Becka (somebody we thought would NEVER be on local radio again) is absolutely the dumbest thing KCMO has ever done.
    Carson will probably be replaced soon by the less expensive Tracy Thomas. At that point, I will turn off my radio forever.

  10. I like what KCMO has been doing by hiring more hosts to speak about a range of things including local issues, although it's a little disappointing that all of the hosts live in JoCo or Grandview so their perspectives on KC culture is a lot different than you'd get from KCUR's Central Standard."

    Let me guess, you hate the fact that 710 doesn't give the hipster lie that everything in the burbs is a cultural wasteland while everything in KC Proper is amazing and up and coming? Face it, the burbs is what keeps KC Proper afloat. Without JoCo, Northland or Eastern Jackson County this city would be Flint.

  11. I have never heard of this guy or his show. Maybe that is why he got canned.

  12. This is happening everywhere. A friend was recently terminated by DST after pulling an all-nighter for them. If you're over 50 and making good money in corporate America picture yourself with a target on your back.

  13. Yup, if he made it to 50 he is lucky. In todays world you go to college and wont get a decent job until you are 30. The minute you do get a job you better get that resume out to the head hunters 'cause in 5 years you will be considered a tree huger. At a little over 40 the cost of keeping you employed outweighs your perceived contribution and your max earning potential is come and gone. If you were on salary you were probably working so many hours you didn't know what day of the week it was most of the time. If you were hourly you were likely being forced to work off the clock and neither the state or feds will help you no matter how much evidence you have. If you make it to 50 somewhere and make any kind of money you will be out and likely unemployable except for those great 8 -12 buck an hour jobs.

    Unions might help a little, but the fact is your company has to compete and as long as Toyota is importing parts to build cheap vehicles so will go Ford and Chevy. Do I have to estimate how many jobs unions we will loose over the next decade?

    Now here we have a guy who is working in a media that is dying like a beached whale, only out deathed by newspapers and magazines, and I bet he doesn't know how to use a hammer or a shovel. Given the world has its local star quota for the next 200 years I'd say that kind of sucks fir him. Welcome to the new America where all your government, your doctor, your lawyer and your preacher cares about is the money they can get out of you.

  14. FUCK the corporation! Don't feel sorry for the $250,000 I scammed from them over the years after making them millions! FUCK their severance package...I made my own.

  15. Knapp was just a fence straddling cuckservative. WGAF.

  16. Trumps only flaw is he doesn't want to build a wall all the way around this country. We could just stay at home, revitalize our industries with the jobs we keep home and the largest bucket of consumer dollars on earth. Fuck the banana republics. Fuck the sophisticates. Fuck the corporations who wold have us believing we must work in a global economy to survive. Let us isolate from the world and take care of our own damn interests for a change.

  17. The issue,he is a nutcase.
    A nutcase with a microphone.

  18. Damn! There are more libtards on this site than I realized.
    Gregg Knapp was the best conservative voice this City had.
    The morning show with the two WTB comedians is IMO a flop.
    Their news is old, repeated, and they seldom make me laugh.
    The mornings with KCUR is "Kill The Republicans!"
    The little bit of live radio I listen to is about gone.
    Free radio is worldwide but as long as the libtards and government control it, it's just that, control.
    Looks like it's WGAF for me now.
    It use to be Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll.
    Now it's God, Guns, and Donald Trump! LOL!
    America is bleeding and dying.....

  19. ...and Hillary is just a menopausal old screwball with an email server that somehow made her a victim too.

  20. Greg was pretty good, I'm sure he'll be back.

  21. This has nothing to do with dollars.

    The radio stations are getting rid of conservative voices.

    It's pretty obvious. Darla Jay, Gregg Knapp and others voices have been silenced.

    Wake up KC.

  22. Michael Savage is the only reason I turn this station on in the daytime since they canned Gregg Knapp. Carson is kinda OK, but almost every time his producer comments, I turn to sports talk radio as 98's endless news is very boring. Gregg Knapp is sorely missed!

  23. Carson's next, don't any of these people do their homework?? Happens every election time.

  24. Just wait till Trump gets elected, everyone will have a job, and your's will be YUUUGE!!! (Oh, buy the way, know how to pick cabbage?)

  25. Greg Knap was nothing but A Bible thumping Evangelical preacher masquerading as a host. Good riddance to his and Carson's arrogant, egotistical ranting arses.

  26. KCMO ousts Greg Knapp for "budgetary reasons." Now they've ousted his morning replacement, Rob Caron, also for "budgetary reasons" AND have brought back the aforementioned and previously ousted Knapp to replace Carson in the morning! By my recollection, the station never offered an on-air explanation for Carson's departure, nor when his sidekick Jared Carter left a few months earlier in September 2016. Who's running this circus, anyway, Patty "Wasserman" Simpson? The next ouster that needs to occur at KCMO is whatever manager is presiding over all this chaos. That's the bum who needs to be put out to pasture. And yesterday.

  27. @Anony 9/8/16, prophetic.

    Carson is gone, Knapp is back. I would have rather they kept Carson AND brought back Knapp. Beca isn't a good fit for that station. I'd nearly run out of local radio to listen to. 98.1 morning show is just constant teasers of "what news are we going to report next" not listenable. After they brought in the sports talk lib from up North for the noon show, the gal really started showing her progressive colors. I can "kinda" listen when they focus on local topics, but as soon they go for politics, I tune out. Dana/Parks I haven't been a fan of since the old fella left (and still miss Agar). Its pretty much channel surfing during Beca's show, then Fergeson, back to surfing over Ramsey (can only take so much of the 1: I'm broke stuff, or 2: I'm rich stuff), then stay for Savage.


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