Here at TKC we've always contended that broke-ass people of EVERY demographic have more in common than either side cares to admit. . . This fact of life might become more obvious given the increasing possibility of an upcoming recession . . . Either way, the topic of racism and poverty are inexorably linked.

Accordingly . . .


Take a look:

“How Poverty Breeds Racism in White Minds,” by the Author of “Racism in Kansas City”


"First, disproportionate black poverty perpetuates racist white myths of black laziness. Second, black poverty breeds black crime, which reinforces in white minds ideas of the deviant, aggressive, violent black man. Third, black poverty leads to lower academic performance from black children, leading to white myths of lower intelligence in blacks.

"Behind each of these racist beliefs, one can easily conclude, is an appalling lack of historical and sociological context."

Click here for the stunning conclusion.

Again, in a "post-racial" society that isn't . . . This topic of poverty and racism is exceptionally relevant to the Kansas City conversation given that the subject of ongoing tax subsidy for development at the cost of local po'folk, infrastructure and neighborhoods is a topic that links privileged whites like Crosby Kemper III to the mostly minority working-class denizens of the urban core.

You decide . . .


  1. Voting for Bernie will fix all of this.

    Better than the streetcar.

    1. When it all boils down to it white people are pure NUTZ.Them NUTZ are so jealous and envious of black people, I mean a sickening form of jealousy. These NUTZ sit up every day doing sneaky covert stuff to keep blacks opposed. Because them NUTZ are so insecure about themselves. So them NUTZ stack the deck against blacks. By poisoning our water, electronic harassment,and us of corrupt law. White NUTZ everybody know y'all bat shit crazy. White are walking around society miserable. Just do use all a favor with y'all Sun burning ass go kill yourselves you nutzs.

  2. Racism is still alive and well in Kansas City. Look at the dividing lines in KC, they also divide rich and poor.

  3. Alvin Brooks?

    That's all I needed to see. That guy hasn't worked to fight racism, he worked to help himself before everybody else. Yes, the work that he has done against crime is good but he also stood at the head of the table so that he and his friends were first in line for funds. That's part of the reason that urban neighborhoods can't get ahead, too much infighting and control of the money that's coming into our community from politicians. If you want to fix things. Start there!

  4. Take the bait.

    Over/under on racist hate comments is 20 today as this is the second time Tony has used this cut/paste.

    Thanks for helping with Botello's self esteem issues.

  5. ^^^^^^^
    Is that why you show up day and and day out leaving the same kind of comment?

    You hate this place so much that you can't help yourself. You want to see TKC's demise but actually work to help his numbers and participation his blog?

    Sure, you sound just a big jealous and I think you might be the one with self-esteem issues since you mentioned it first. Shame that you don't have much better to do on a week day night.

  6. Black Lives Matter

    The economics will figure itself out. Stop shooting people and stop shooting our children and then we can talk about finances.

  7. Trump/Cruz 2016 - The final solution.

  8. What about poor white folk and other ethnic groups?

  9. ^^^^^^^^

    I notice the Asians in north east KC don't seem to be living the good life but they don't kill each other at the rate of 1 every few days.

  10. When did Hillary become a member of black lives matter?

  11. Just in case you missed the event, Jolie Justus held "office hours" @ Tower Tavern till 6pm (until she consumed all the free appetizers )
    Shame we have to go to a bar to have any contact with our area representative for the City Council.
    Equally a shame, you can never get a response from her on any issue and concerns.
    Double Flush next election

  12. The Poor Pitiful Poor's war on America continues.

    Bums like GARRETT S. GRIFFIN and Byron won't be happy until we're all losers like them.

  13. This is the same douche who suggested that KCPD stop carrying bullets and use rubber bullets instead

  14. Fucking Tony and his anti white racism cloaked as fixing inequality.

  15. The author writes:
    1) "We cannot end anti-black racism without ending poverty."
    Which begs the question--Why would you want to end only anti-black racism? Isn't that racist? Also, the statement is given as an absolute, linking anti-black racism with poverty, while suggesting no other solutions are possible. This is false.

    2) "Poverty perpetuates racism in three ways."
    Again, the author is perpetuating a static dialogue in which he allows no alternatives to his own derived solutions. He doesn't desire a discussion, but rather hopes to dictate to others. Poverty perpetuates a plethora of problems for society, as it means a loss of choices for those afflicted.

    3) "First, disproportionate black poverty perpetuates racist white myths of black laziness. Second, black poverty breeds black crime, which reinforces in white minds ideas of the deviant, aggressive, violent black man. Third, black poverty leads to lower academic performance from black children, leading to white myths of lower intelligence in blacks."
    In this passage, the author is back to hectoring his readers with his own racist baggage. Let's rewrite the passage, in a colorblind manner, to reflect a universal truth:
    "First, disproportionate poverty perpetuates myths of laziness. Second, poverty breeds crime, which reinforces in minds ideas of the deviant, aggressive poor man. Third, poverty leads to lower academic performance from children, leading to myths of lower intelligence among the poor."

    Now, by all means, let's do our best to eliminate poverty for all people, regardless of their racial identity. Most people do not appreciate, nor respect, the political agenda of eternal victim status.

  16. Alvin Brooks is involved in prejudice against poor. It's a vicious cycle that the author fails to discuss - the inherent racism in and among poor classes and those affluent people that hate their lower class fellows. Urban living is a bitter pill.

  17. Mizzou curators suspend embattled professor Melissa Click

    There hows that, FUCK YOU SHITHOUSER

  18. Byron won't be here till late. He is not man enough to debate with workers. Pussy ass cock sucker. Terry Murray. Bring it Byron. I will drive!

  19. Supporting my council1/27/16, 9:24 PM

    Complaint against Jolie Justus for drinking? She's working with Sly James? It's a wonder that she isn't a full on lush by now. Let the lady have a couple of beers, she has earned hem.

  20. ^^^earned? Nobody in Kansas City politics has earned a thing. It's the circle of friends network in play. You must be part of the network. I bet you can't name one thing Jolie has accomplished on this City Council? In fact, I can't name one thing that anybody on the council has accomplished.

  21. Holders of "over" tickets can collect their winnings at

  22. ^^^^^
    You wasted your whole night here. You lose at life, you smell of Tony's farts. I just come here for the TITS!

  23. A short history of racism in Kansas City.

    By G.S. Griffin

    Chapter 1: NIGGERS

    The niggers showed up and people treated them like the animals they were.



    Wow that was short. Accurate, too


  24. I feel bad for any white teachers stuck teaching the niggers, hope things work out for you and you get out sooner to a different district where you can teach humans instead of niggers. As to fixing the schools, it would be a huge waste of tax dollars as the niggers would destroy any improvements made - we've seen how they destroy their habitats where they hang out, why would they then care about schools. Let the filthy animals continue in that environment, it's a step up from what they have at home! Besides, niggers don't even go to school 90% of the time and when they do they are looking to destroy anything in sight or muh dick anything that crosses their path.


  25. Asshole 9:00

    I have a life. I spend the evening watching television with my wife.

    If some pussy who wants to pretend that he's Terry Murray wants to drive all the way to Clarksburg, WV, to beat me up because I called him out over calling me a child molester, then come on. I'll have the boys in the white coats waiting for your crazy ass.

    I was a working man until I took my disability you dumb fuck.

    How is 8:56 calling me Shithouser, a debate?

    This whole thread is racist garbage from people who get mad at being called racist.

    Tony's right about this: we are more united by class, then we are divided by race.

    1. I feel sorry for you Shithouser

    2. But she has a pecker

  26. Tony's right about this: we are more united by class, then we are divided by race.

    This is why I don't get hysterical about the "illegal immigrants". To me they are just poor refugees. They are more my brothers than you stupid racial haters.

    If a white, muddle class puppy thinks I have more in common with him, then these refugees than he is deluded. I am not. I know who my brothers are.

    "Freedom is merely privilege extended, unless enjoyed by one & all"

  27. If you dumb fucks would watch some documentaries, instead of trolling blogs in the evening you wouldn't be so stupid.

    If you had watched American Experience: The Mine Wars, you would have seen & understood why a man from West Virginia doesn't hate blacks or immigrants, only upper class assholes.

    The army of miners that marched from Charleston to Mingo was racially diverse. Local whites, blacks & immigrants fought side by side. They tried to divide us by race & FAILED. We stood united as one against the haters & their gun thugs.

    You would have understood why we are proud & unafraid of some stupid flatlanders.

    Mother Jones Lives

  28. Funny how all the people we brought back from Vietnam (Boat-people) have prospered in the USA. Couldn't even speak English when they got here.

  29. They were given help that is not available to the native poor.

    They were not poor in Vietnam, they were part of the muddle class or they wouldn't have supported the regime. It wasn't the poor of Vietnam that were rescued.

    They were not as hated upon as we are!

  30. The pure, clear, basic fact is: Nobody wants anything to do with NIGGERS, not even other NIGGERS.

    There, that's the truth and it's the same worldwide.

  31. For someone who is suppose to be blind, you sure do spend a lot of time watching and reading things.

    So much that you could be working instead of living off my taxes.

  32. 6:27pm & 8;52pm

    You're both correct in your comments regarding Alvin Brooks. Anything or comment related to his name draws suspicion. Just look at the latest news with his name attached...Hope Academy. He was a board member.

    He has denied help the inner city was offered for years from folks willing to work towards a viable solution. He turned a deaf ear this time and time again.

    It is most unfortunate he has been held in high esteem in the black community and the city at large.

  33. I'd buy the book but for the manner in which I would use it, I prefer Charmin.

  34. This book doesn't even address gentrification, young white hetrosexual millennials who are buying up all the homes in the Urban Core. The majority are evangelical.
    Our Midtown area was proudly diverse, even the older gays are being pushed out.
    I can't even remember when a black child has been standing at a school bus stop.
    Whats interesting is the whites don't even remotely consider themselves racist.
    They call the police on everything and everyone as being a criminal.
    They call codes on families who save pop cans for extra cash.
    The call on students carrying back packs as thieves.
    The call the police on families enjoying the parks and playgrounds.
    The are doing away with neighborhood pools ,since these young whites feel that they attract negatives.
    Gentrification = racism whether intentional or not.

  35. The entire premise of the book is false. Black Americans were poor for generations before LBJ's "war on poverty" and showed no significant signs of violent crime or savagery above the national average. For a variety of reasons including a design and structure that financially encouraged broken families, the "war on poverty" resulted in the utter collapse of the black family unit. Statistically, a large majority of black children now grow up in single parent households, raised by young single mothers who have over 3 children in the household on average. This perpetuates and increases the level and effect of poverty, while simultaneously ensuring generations are raised without the parental influence necessary.

  36. Byron, the miners worked together, but had separate clusters in the coal camps and company owned shanty towns (U.S. labor archives and that documentary you cite).

    Mostly unschooled whites, blacks and European immigrants filled out the mine labor. The deep and dangerous extractions urged trust and dependency among them. Work ethic was highly regarded.

    Official U.S. military integration several decades after those "mine wars" furthered race relations. The working-class of all races have battled and worked together for their lives and livelihoods for several generations now. Decent folks get that "content of character" maxim applied to us all.


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