On this Saturday morning we have FIRST news of masterful work of Kansas City scholarship that's now available to the public.

To wit . . .


With a forward by former Councilman Alvin Brooks . . .

This is an important story of Kansas City's best that continues to play out on local streets today.

Here's a brief description . . .

"Anti-black racism still infects American society.

"African Americans are more likely than whites to be killed by police, to be pulled over, arrested, imprisoned, and executed. They are more likely to be turned down for a job, to be underpaid, or offered a bad home loan than equally qualified whites . . .

"Kansas Citians, like so many others across the nation, wonder, "Could it happen here?" The answer lies in this study of Kansas City's darkest moments-slavery, the border war, the Civil War, bombings of black homes, lynchings, the segregation of neighborhoods and schools, the civil rights struggle, the Black Panther movement, the 1968 race riot, assassinations in the 1970s, the infamous Missouri v. Jenkins U.S. Supreme Court case, and the racial inequities that still plague Kansas City today. Threaded throughout Racism in Kansas City are stories of those who fought ardently against racist policies...and sometimes won.

Racism in Kansas City, in the end, offers readers a hopeful message: with awareness comes understanding and then change."

Read more here and pick up a copy:

Racism in Kansas City: A Short History

By far, this is one of the most important books released this year that offers insight into a subject that is often neglected by the mainstream media.

Developing . . .


  1. Sadly appropriate today as much as any other time in our history.

  2. There is racism from all sides, might want to mention that TKC.

  3. This again?

  4. Oh yah I'm gonna race out and pick up a copy uh huh.

  5. Better start raising the bar if you want to get out of that 3rd Place spot and not end up not even mentioned in The Pitches best of 2016 T Boy.

  6. I bought it and read it the last time you promoted it. I was not impressed.

  7. Book sales must be slow. Let's leave this alone. Make it the last post.

  8. one of the most important books released this year


  9. Propaganda.

    The "Racism" trope jumped the shark by a light year over the last two decades. Thousands of pieces of local, state and federal legislation that as opposed to "Evening the playing field", now, is expected to "Equal the outcome". In the halls of academe, our children are brainwashed into believing that the only reason there are so few blacks in Silicon Valley is because of "Racism", that there are so few Black rocket scientists because of "White Privilege" etc. etc.etc. The fact is, that Affirmative Action, quotas, set asides and special considerations for blacks over the last 60 years will continue for the next sixty years because it is a politically expedient pay off by Democrats to the African American voting block and guarantees sinecure for Liberals in all walks of life.

    When does it end? 22 Trillion Dollars down the shitter and the results are more crime, more rape, more assaults, more cities destroyed, more entropy and the excuses, obfuscation and pretense that this criminality can be blamed on "Slavery" surely must grow more preposterous every day. The "Civil Rights Movement", KNOWS NO SENESCENCE! It grows more and more powerful while producing more and more entitled, angry, useless, vote-for-a-living blacks who are taught to hate whitey with a built in excuse for failure in the Culture of Complaint. Victims all, by way of their skin color, our children's children's children's children will be hearing the same, sickening, tired, worn out shibboleths and paying, paying, paying for Affirmative Action.

    You know, Affirmative Action, where one group of people, give money to another group of people, for sins committed long, long, long ago, by another group of people, long, long, long dead, who committed those sins against another group of people, a long, long, long time ago, who are also dead.

    Our ability, here in America, to lie and deceive ourselves about the truth, while ankle deep in the dysfunction that is produced by those lies and deceit, is astonishing.

    Shove that "Racism" shit up your fucking ass.

  10. C'est la vie. Racism has always existed and it always will. So will sexism, classism, etc. The difference is, not every group beats the drum the way negroes do. Many groups have been discriminated against through the ages. As just one example, do some reading about US sentiment toward the Irish in the 19th century. But, unlike the negroes, the Irish took it in stride, pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and assimilated into mainstream society. They didn't hold a grudge and live with a constant sense of entitlement. They took opportunities that came to them and bettered circumstances for themselves and their families. Probably why we don't here about Irish on Irish shootings every hour, have continually growing numbers of bastard Irish kids in need of welfare or avoid driving through Irish neighborhoods at night. Success and respect have to be earned, and there is very little about the negro culture that lends itself to either.

  11. from the NY Times book review:

    "yet another nigger blaming White Americans for black sloth, innate stupidity, over-breeding, infidelities and drug addictions"

  12. Fuck racism. For 200 years doctors have been sticking their fingers in your ass and not a single sexual assault charge. I'm a victim and writing a book. Know any turds that want to write the forward Tony? I know you are into this shit.

  13. What exactly is "The Fair Share" of what someone else has worked for?

  14. The racists don't approve of this book?

    What a surprise.

    1. It's not the race that bothers me. Byron; it's the lazy, irresponsible, entitled lifestyle that expects others to take care of them and be on the hook for their poor choices and actions. You know; like you.

  15. We don't ignore racism here! Niggers aren't human and whites are superior to them in every way!!!

  16. Well, I guess that is the end of the argument, Byron called people RAYCISS if they don't agree with him.

  17. Hey, is this racist Byron?

    War Crime Victims.

  18. 10:03 smacks Byron in the face!

  19. A silly one-sided book written by a young white guy with a forward from Grifter Central.
    How about a self-improvement book about responsibility, empowerment, hard work, self-respect and consideration for others, and preparing to take advantage of the endless opportunities that present themselves everyday?
    You know; like all the rest of us.

  20. You sucks have absolutely no idea that Byron kicks your asses every time you take his bait. Individually and collectively, the 6 or so of you put more effort into responding to a 10 word post than he does in inciting you.

    In this way, he is exactly like Tony.

    "Come on, keep taking the bait"

  21. Racsim is very much alive ,especially in what is now referred to as Homes Associations.
    Hyde Park is probably one of the more famous Rascist neighborhoods , and its ALL WHITE Board.
    The have a property tax plan that will push out the remainder of the black homeowners many who are at poverty level or slightly above.
    Many are putting their homes up for sale instead of being forced to give money to a Rascist homeowners association thats ran by a bunch of CRACKERS.
    Want a real current story investigate the HPNA , racism is alive and well and so are moves to push hard working blacks out of their homes

  22. Hillary lauds the author as a

    "True Hero in the Democrat War on Whites".

  23. Morgan Freeman said it best, "we must not forget the tragedies that have occurred throughout history but racism is only an issue today because African-Americans still make it an issue"

  24. 10:55 Byron's side of the story is beat into our heads incessantly by The NY Times, The LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, ABC NBC, CBS, and the entirety, with few exceptions of the Main Stream Media. The ongoing assault of a specious "Narrative" repetitively and metronomically pounded into our brains by the 4th estate, the entertainment industry, our politicians and teachers in order to brain wash us into needless guilt, false hopes for salvation and further insane expenditures for a group of people, who, again, with few exceptions hate America and especially hate white Americans.

    So fuck you pal, here we tell it like it is, until the Progressive fascist Fucks shut TKC down. If you don't like it, there are thousands of places where you can get the company line and dream of "Marchin wid Martin.

  25. Does anyone know if there is a college course or book on how to live black? I'm tired of working and poaying for other peoples handouts.I need some insight on how to live black and get in on all the free government handouts and shit I want to screw that pooch until he yelps.

  26. Damn niggers blaming whites for their epic fail to live life in the best country on earth Blame our black failure on the white everyone cause if we look in the mirror we see nothing but loserville right on our forehead.

    Blame righty let's see if we can get more money out of them we must shift the blame to someone else. Certainly not our black ass.

  27. Hey 1209, return in two weeks and witness the change.

    Then come back in 3 weeks and do the same.

    Just a bit of paranoia heh?

    Get back to licking Bill O'Reilly's nut wax. But don't ever check fact check. The paranoia that gives you comfort should not be assessed.


    See how special your revered site is?

    What do you call the paranoia that anyone outside of a dozen trolls cares about this site?


    Now get out there and buy more ammo because Hillary and Chelsea will be coming to your bunker in 2 years.

    And sorry, I wont meet you at Walmart.

  28. Negroes are much like children, constantly pushing the boundary of what is acceptable behavior. Cross that boundary and your parents will punish you. This pushing is how children learn to define acceptable behavior, and this knowledge facilitates their integration into adult society. Sadly, there exists no parental influence over the negro population. Thus the are pushing way beyond the boundary of acceptable societal behavior, and they will not cease until they are appropriately chastised. We have laws prohibiting this outrageous negro behavior, but the laws are not being enforced, nor are appropriate punishments being meted out to the guilty. In short, society has given negroes cart-Blanche approval to do just about anything they want. Negroes can riot, burn, loot, rob. kill and maim at the extreme end of criminality and get away with "TNB" at the lesser end of it all in the name of anti-racism. Criticize negroes for acting like viscous child-savages and you will be excoriated as racist who must be ostracized from society. Obama and his ilk are selectively enforcing our laws to give Negroes a free pass through the Justice system, thus they bear the largest share of the blame for the current level negro lawlessness. Obama and his ilk have not only set race relations back by centuries, they've set society back to a tribal-like era of clannishness more akin to the Muslim worldview than to ours. My two cents says it was done purposely, but the "why for" has yet to be made apparent.

  29. Wish you guys wouldn't use the word nigger so much.

    “Nigger” used to mean just a Negro, a servant, or “slave.” Today, “nigger” means unwanted, repulsive, and disgusting. Nigger means everything that is despised. Nigger means vehement and utter rejection.

    Oh wait

  30. 1:34

    Don't mean to butt into your argument, but during the 1st Democratic Debate, CNN sent out the First String, a Latino, a woman, a gay white guy and a gay black guy. It would seem, that you liberals have the "Nut Sack" licking market cornered..., or, should I say Corn Holed?

  31. I have purchased this book and can honestly say it is the best coaster I have ever owned.

  32. Problems the bigots here have is that everyone who does not agree with their hate must be the dreaded LIBTARD.

    The issue in the next election is not whether a D will win, but whether the R maintain congress.

    And that's from people who don't have to post on 3rd rate blog sites.

  33. How many pages in this book. You know who wipes his ass with lame bullshit racist books like this? Yep, he is real white !

    Awareness comes with understanding and change. Well that's brilliant. Let's see. We understand that niggers are causing the problems. The hard fact numbers tell us that. We are waiting on the change. But dipshits like Botello have their noses up the asses of any black that will drop trowser. Anyone who thinks there is going to be any change by the niggers, well, I have a vacant Taco Bell location in Northeast that would make a good crack house.

    I seriously doubt that this lame book would make good ass wipe. Botello could not tell us because he seldom wipes his smelly ass according to Xalti.

  34. Was there massive blatant overt racism against blacks in the U.S.?

    YES, of course!

    Does it serve to benefit Americans, who happen to be black, to make this a constant and recurring theme of their current life?

    NO, it certainly does not! It poisons the mind of many young black Americans, indoctrinating them with a sense of congenital victimhood, isolation, and self-doubt. It provides for an easy-out when circumstances become difficult. It is the tool by which they are manipulated by those within and outside their communities who desire to prey upon their race.

    Subgroups within both the Black race and the Jewish identity have mastered the art of "professional victim" so they might economically benefit from this self-imposed designation.

    Much better to honor your persecuted ancestors by reaching for the highest rungs of success in education, professional careers, and personal integrity.

    ...I have a dream.

  35. This book is coming from a guy who lost to that weirdo mark funkhouser. When a white person complains of behavior by blacks its racism. But when a black person slurs whites its black privilege

  36. 11:47: You are so full of shit. First, if the HPNA has no blacks on its board, it's because no blacks have volunteered. Second, the president's boyfriend is black. Third, the HPNA is a VOLUNTARY organization. No one can be forced to join, and they have very little influence over who buys or rents homes in Hyde Park.

    I can only assume you don't live in the neighborhood and/or are listening to some otherworldly broadcast and have temporarily misplaced your tin foil hat.

    1. wrong white-o looks like they are about to force everyone topayup or move outta hydepark.
      Armour is down to 2 black buildings Armour was almost 75% black now rich beeches running the show stealing our strng black men .they got the cash but are mens always sneak backs

  37. Aren't you sick of NIGGERS yet? Jeez, what's it take??

  38. I was wondering if a book like this was needed. Now that I have read the comments I've been assured that it is.

  39. I was curious if this book was even relevant for today. After reading these comments I am assured that it is.

  40. Hate to break the news to you 8:33 Pitch and the KCSTAR both did articles on the plight of blacks being ran out by this crazed cracker board association. I don't have to live there ,i just reaf the racist rants of all dos Rich Crackers on a public neighborhood FB page.
    A group of rich crackers tried to get a couple of city codes workers fired. Talked about their weight ,intelligence . How about trying to kick poor blacks outta their homes at a building called Bainbridge.
    btwy you can still like black dick and be a black hater. eho wants a 4" whitie.


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