Steve Rose Seyz It's Time To Remove Controversial Tribute From JoCo Campus

Thoughtful opinion and insight that presents a lot of backstory and both sides of a tense subject. Check the teaching moment from Steve Rose: Steve Rose: Trustees should bring painful chapter at Johnson County Community College to a close


  1. Steve Carlsen was ACCUSED of sexual harassment according to the article. Nothing was ever filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or any court. Carlsen was never found guilty of anything. Carlsen denied all allegations.
    Welcome to the New PC world where your reputation, your life, and your name can be ruined when you havent been found guilty or even the most basic degree of proof is ignored.

  2. Welcome to the new world where blacks get away with murder and other crimes all the time with tons of proof they did it and a good hard working white man gets accused of something 9 years ago and they want to take any recognition of him away from public view.

    I say anything with Cleaver's name on it should be removed since he has proven what a deadbeat he is.

    Steve Rose is just pissy that no buildings are named after him so I propose that we name the porta potty down on the 435 and 35 exchange road work after Steve in honor of all the shit he shoves at us from the Star.

  3. Tracy Thomas10/31/15, 10:43 AM

    I like Superdave's proposal for the Steve Rose portapotty.

    Frankly, I am surprised that Rose finally wrote this. And good for the Ledger for following up--the building should never have been named for Carlsen. An active employee? Horrible precedent from a weak board who believed in the Edifice Complex.

    I recall that the Ledger faculty advisor was, and perhaps still is? Star reporter Finn Bullers' wife Ann. It took huge courage to go up against a sitting president.

    Read between the lines, and Carlsen has accepted the notion that driving by that building is not an honor, it's just a constant reminder. Carlsen was inappropriate with staff. It might not have qualified or risen to the level of sexual harrassment, but it was widely known. He disgraced himself and JCCC and it's time for the college to reclaim its reputation for excellence instead of insider favoritism. That's why it's actually shocking that Steve Rose, the apologist for all his fellow award winners for Mr. Johnson County, to finally raise the surrender flag.

    So as long as they don't rename it the Cosby Center, we're good.

  4. I thought there was something in this country called due process where a person accused of an offense would have a hearing where he or she would confront their accusers and the evidence can be judged. Now we have accusation and media hysteria and one is tried in the court of public opinion where there is no due process; only accusation. I laugh when the Democrats talks about the war on women being raged by the Republicans and others on the Right. If there is a war in this gender politics it is against men and it seems every Liberal is a solider in that war. I saw an article recently asking why young men are not getting married. Many have seen the destruction done to their own fathers and do not want to experience that misery themselves. In this blog there was a story about a man, who as a child, falsely accused his father of sexual misconduct because his vengeful mother encouraged him to in a messy divorce. Are men going to become weary of going into management? As a man in management, do you run the risk of if you do your job, losing your job and having your reputation destroyed by vengeful female employees? Whether or not Chuck Carlsen is guilty of these accusations or not, we will never know because there will be no due process. Should his accomplishments of twenty five years be erased by accusations? Perhaps Steve Rose should become president of JCCC and he could do for Johnson County Community College what he did for his father’s newspaper.

  5. Rose did have a building named after him. Or at least his family. Then he ran the family business into the ground. Now the paper his dad worked so hard at building folded like s cheap shirt.

  6. how the fuck do you get to be so old you retire from golf?

  7. I think they should tear the building down just like they did the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut.

    There's nothing like tearing down a perfectly functional building to make a statement of some sort.

  8. @Tracy Thomas: The current adviser of The Campus Ledger is Corbin Crable. Anne has not served in that capacity for several years.


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