Monday, February 23, 2015


With only a few notable exceptions, the vast majority of Kansas City council contenders favor more regulation and oversight of emerging technology and the Internet.

Usually, digital forms and Kansas City Internets elicit an irrational exuberance in extolling the possibilities of new tech but today the candidates for city council mostly advocated stricter regulation under the guise of public safety.

Sen. Jolie Justus running for the 4th In-District seat seemed to reflect the mentality of most Kansas City political hopefuls in attendance today . . .

"We have to learn how to adapt quicker . . . We have to come up with a way to deal with that (tech companies acting first and often against old school city regs)," Sen. Justus said. "One of the things we need to do is get a process on the city level. And that requires all of us getting together and sitting at the table. So we can get a process into place where we can adapt quickly to the technology, so we don't seem like we're behind the curve."

Most of the candidates echoed the sentiment and agreed that increased tech company regulation would be part of their administration.

However . . .


Henry Klein said: "We need to think of new technology as part of a new ecosystem and focus on whatever it takes to get people where they need to go. Not trying to hold these companies off."

Mr. Klein also spoke of his effort to push for voting and better 311 service via mobile app which would be a workaround from talk about the so-called digital divide that ignores the current mobile revolution.

The topic of body cameras and police surveillance came up and credit to 3rd District Candidate Rachel Riley who reminded the audience of her community struggle against violence and homicide and mentioned that the 3rd District didn't have any problem with increased use of police technology as long as the community was kept informed and remained part of the process.

2nd District At-Large Candidate Jason Hodges also deserves mention because of his reference to Mayor Sly's social media action center. While the Mayor's office has been mostly fixated on spinning positive public opinion, Mr. Hodges offered a real world example of his experience manipulating tech at the highest level of City Hall.

5th District Candidate Bilal Muhammad earned a standout moment when he corrected moderator Nick Haines for a negative depiction of his part of town.

Mr. Haines gracefully acknowledged the criticism but it was nice reminder that tech won't ever move us past neighborhood debate and discourse. 5th District statesman Ken Bacchus also demonstrated an impressive knowledge of city subsidy and regulation when he spoke on the subject of new tech approaches to parking.

Similarly, 3rd District At-Large Candidate Quinton Lucas earned the only round of applause during the forum when he simply encouraged people to take the bus downtown. However, his point about leveraging the Internets to avoid having to visit City Hall was probably something that would speak to voters throughout KCMO.

Quick TKC Note . . . 3rd District Candidate Carol “C. J.” Gatlin talked about the city working to provide Internet access and was having just a bit of trouble making her point. Standing in front of people and talking is tougher than it looks. What 3rd District residents should keep in mind is that Mr. Lucas reinforced her point and referenced her remarks during his response about online access rather than using the rhetorical misstep to pounce on an opponent. It's rare when politicos demonstrate that kind of mercy and collaborative spirit. Ms. Gatlin doesn't present much of a threat to Mr. Lucas who dominates the cash race and has earned a clean endorsement sweep . . . Still, the effort to show courtesy, politeness and collaboration when nobody was really watching is something that stands out amid talk about the cold, hard facts of new technology.

Tech happy talk in Kansas City has become a way of life and the only thing that this forum demonstrated is that the new class of leadership at City Hall is still woefully behind the curve when it comes to addressing the digital revolution and their inclination seems to be to stifle and regulate the Internets at the same time they tout hype about "silicon prairie" and the current high-speed Internets revolution.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

The only reason Klein understand technology more than the others is because he's the only guy who has been in busienss to make money. That's the fact that really stands out TKC.

Anonymous said...

My prediction is that by 2025 people will be so fed up with useless tech invading their privacy and making their lives so boringly average that they will actually be paying the big bucks to have less of it around.

Anonymous said...


Yes, and people will also turn off their TV and enjoy a good book!


Bring Out Your Dead said...

Jim Glover does not even have a Facebook account or A WEB SITE! The old man must be carted away.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Sly because Twitter told me so.

Anonymous said...

This discussion is really interesting, just like all the other candidate forums during these campaigns.
But after the election, folks at city hall will revert to the same old patterns:
Subsidizing developers.
Being shaken down for bucks by east side grifters.
Wetting their pants with enthusiasm for the latest REALLY BIG THING from some out-of town PhD
Cowtowing to the police and fire unions.
Spending time, effort, energy, focus, and money on ANYTHING other than the basic services the great majority of KCMO residents really want.
Here's the new gang; just like the old gang.

Anonymous said...

What is it with Justis? First she says that the art of politics is delivering what the voters don't want in such a way as to wear them down over time rather than all at once. Now she wants to find ways to regulate the tech industry. How? What? Why? Just fucking go away, please.

Anonymous said...

I should also note that her opponent appears to be a pretty sorry excuse as well. God, why do we attract such losers to city government in this town, state, country?

Anonymous said...

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chuck said...

8:36 and 9:01 FTW.

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony,

How utterly depressing. Most of these candidates are not worth voting into office. We are reduced to electing the least worthless.

I still think Henry Klein is a viable choice.

The higher salary is attracting people who need a job. No sense of public service, just a better paycheck.

And why do we still need twelve council members?

Mr. Tony, we are screwed.

Anonymous said...

City hall knows nothing about the internet. They need to keep away.

Anonymous said...

Gien the low quality of the people running Kansas City, and the probability of more fools being elected, the idea of them regulating ANYTHING important is frightening.

Byron Funkhouser said...

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If white people are so wonderful, then how did we come to be here? This isn't Europe ...

Anyone who really, really hates the refugees of the African Diaspora should return to Europe. You can pretend that enslavement & genocide are a wonderful legacy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Byron. You got sucked in to that one. 9:12 is Mensa boy doing his stream-of-consciousness exercise before hitting the bottle for the night.

Ignore him and hope he goes away.

Anonymous said...

Goddamnit where's the top of the morning posting?

Tony's really starting to mail it in these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Byron, you first.

When you get to Europe, you will notice, that it is coming apart at the seams, due to insane, ethnomasochistic, suicidal immigration policies, the same ones we now have in place.

When the whole world is a 3rd world dystopian Hobbesian nightmare, then, idiots like Byron will finally be happy.

I know 50 people who are gonna force you to move forward said...

We need sensors for the trains!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Krispy Kreme Grand Opening today!

chuck (I found Tony) said...

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Anonymous said...

What ever did people do before Twitter and Facebook?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Byron has been voting Democrat for 50 years and each year that he does so, he thinks his life will get better. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I heard Henry Klein talking about his proposed app for 311. What he doesn't realize is that the problem isn't in the reporting. It's in getting the city to respond. Obviously he hasn't done any reporting. Kind of goes along with him not having participated in any community issues. He seems a bit too cerebral
and not enough down to earth to be on the council.

Anonymous said...

CKMO has stopped caring about citizens long ago.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Klein knows about is technology. He doesn't have a clue about how the city works or what neighborhoods need because he's never been involved.