TKC Blog Community Round-Up: Kansas City Kemper Arena Vs. American Royal Top 5

Sorry to brag but let's not forget that our TKC BLOG COMMUNITY put the topic of Kemper vs. American Royal and the threat to move out of town on blast FIRST in the Spring of 2014 . . . And, sadly, we've reported that behind the scenes politicos caved to Mariner Kemper quickly.

Now . . . Let's round-up a few of the longstanding issues with this tragic struggle to justify some sweet benefits to billionaires:

Policy: Rewriting The Kemper Lease Sets A Bad Precedent

We love talking to Kansas City policy wonks who tell us that City Hall offering even more privilege to the American Royal 1% would put every contract the city negotiates in jeopardy.

Nobody Cares If The American Royal Leaves Town For Kansas

This is time for a bit of courage and gamesmanship amid the ONGOING BORDER WAR with Kansas . . . Let's DARE are the American Royal to move to Kansas. It's a lame beefy event that represents Kansas City's past and not future . . . Throwing broke-ass Kansas this bait should prove a nice poison pill and FINALLY a demonstrate a bit of strategy from local politicos who are serious about competing with the Sunflower State. Sadly . . . Our Kansas City political class has never learned the power of saying NO . . . Don't believe me . . . Ask Crystal Williams.

Maybe All of Kansas City Can Unite In A Mariner Kemper Smackdown?!?!?

The working class and working poor in Kansas City telling this overgrown rich kid NO in a unified voice might be the a more significant moment than any pro-sports cheerleading session. More on this in a bit . . .

Not So Long Ago Kemper Was Supposed To Create A Kansas City Renaissance That Never Happened

Ask an old school denizen of Kansas City . . . Kemper Arena was a big part of a Kansas City party district that never really brought in cash or created a sustainable biz model for the West Bottoms. This is what happens when politicos play eco-devo games . . . The end of the line is always just another ask to clean up the mess.

Kansas City Billionaire Bullying Reveals Tragic Corporate Welfare State Supported By City Hall

Turnabout is fair play . . . Remember all of that Show-Me Institute stuff about po'folk paying for rich people via the Streetcar??? A logically consistent stance (LOL, I know) would involve this group saying SOMETHING/ANYTHING on the Kemper Arena vs. American Royal boondoggle in the making. But Crosby Kemper III writes a great many of their checks so don't expect any fiscal hawk posts from this crew . . . Just wanted to throw that out there because we often agree with the tax fighters but like to make white people blush too much to let this one pass.

In the final analysis . . . Kemper Arena bullying Kansas City represents the worst of old school cowtown influence attempting to transition into the future world of corporate governance and NOW is this town's time to offer a well-deserved smack down.

Anyoo . . .

For these reasons and remembering EXCLUSIVE POLLING DATA THAT OUR TKC BLOG COMMUNITY broke first . . . This tragic plan to swindle Kansas City taxpayers seems like a cause to unify all of this town against the whims of the corporate ruling class.

Developing . . .


  1. Hopalong Crapidy11/6/14, 7:59 AM

    Wichita has a perfect venu for the American Royal. It is called the Kansas Colosseum. That would be a great move for the Royal and given that KC hasnt been cowboy central for decades it might be beneficial to everyone involved. KC will still have BBQ and Wichita would be happy to have the horseshit on their floors.

  2. Please move it to Kansas. Kansas needs to share the "wealth" generated by all these tax breaks.

  3. Kansas City WILL pay for my fancy horse show!! Those horses cost six figures!!

  4. Virtually every project funded by the City is touted as "Supposed To Create A Kansas City Renaissance" and consistently it NEVER happens. Here's the list:

    Power & Light
    Sprint Center
    18th & Vine
    East Patrol
    Entrepreneurial Center at 56th Prospect (four people have been killed in that area since opening)
    Google fiber (hype)
    Posineli West Edge Building (now its for sale)
    Aldi's at 39th Prospect
    Swope Parkway Shopping Center (mostly vacant)

  5. Agree except for the Aldi, which actually seems to be working.

    It is time for Kansas to get some of the benefits of tax incentives. Take the Royal, please.

  6. Didn't Home Depot get a sweet deal for the Main St site? And Costco?

  7. Please please please let the American Royal get them some star bonds! Let them Kansas tax payers feel the hand in their pocket for a change.

  8. This is some white man's burden holding on to the Kemper Legacy. Maybe Rex Sinqfield will win the Guv'nor seat so West Bottoms won't look like Liberia.

  9. The Truth and Nothing But The Truth11/6/14, 1:52 PM

    I say let the Royal all go to the golden ghetto then you whinny fuckers have one less thing to whine about. That means no parades no fucking nothing, just more empty fucking worthless buildings in the east bottoms. Maybe a haunted house will move into them.

  10. You all just are jealous that you aren't as good-looking and rich as Mariner.

  11. No 2:13 you're jealous you can't fuck Mariner in the ass and cum on his face.

  12. Fuck the royal horse Mariner rode in on. Talk on the street is they'll use Mariner's head for a soccer ball.

  13. The greatnews is that Sprint Center is one of the top venues in the country and a guarantee that tickets will sell out fat while AEG scalps them through their cronies. Add the trolly car and we are going to save Kansas City ...that is as soon as we get that pro basketball team (the globtrotters wasnt it?)


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