Kansas City Chiefs Pancake Art

Take a look at this breakfast tribute of Kansas City's mediocre football team . . .

This looks like it takes more planning and foresight than it took to devise to O-Line depth chart:

Fun design, there's a lot of excitement leading up to making this dish but they taste like disappointment and corporate marketing hype.

More in a bit . . .


  1. Hi Tony!

    Ever since my wife and I made the move to Kansas City, I have been following your blog for quirky local news updates.

    I am a really big football fan and have not been impressed by the Chiefs so when I came across your short post about the “Pancake Art” it made me laugh.

    I gotta say, I was surprised about the Mayor’s Christmas tree riot, Ferguson is getting out of hand and violence should never be solved with more violence. A lot of things in the news and your blog topic posts can be sad, I would like to see more upbeat posts, finding the positives to living in Kansas City…like the “Kansas City Holiday Beer Pairing” post.

    I also really liked Lynne Bratcher’s opinion on the Bill Cosby scandal, she made some great points although I do not agree with it all.

    I look forward to a possible post on Obama’s deportation relief? 



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