TKC NOTE: Check this really IMPRESSIVE AND IMPORTANT insight from a KICK-ASS TKC READER that offers a solution to the current Kemper Arena/American Royal Kansas City crisis confronting City Hall.

Plan B for the Kemper Arena...BAIL.

Face it. Kansas City is facing financial challenges. The infrastructure is crumbling, yet we continue to pump tax dollars into vanity projects, with the street car / light rail being the worst of the bunch. The city need to focus on sewers and bridges and streets. And cleaning up urban neighborhood blight.

Additionally, Kansas City is no longer the Agricultural hub of America. The Stockyards are long gone. As is our Board of Trade. Cattle is traded over the internet. And the meat packing plants left decades ago. In other words, we're NOT a cow-town anymore.

Given these realities, why do we, as a city, care about the American Royal?

Simply put: We shouldn't. And save for a handful of wealthy equestrian enthusiasts, the rest of Kansas City doesn't care. The American Royal is about as relevant to today's world as buggy whips.

So why then do we continue to pump more bullets into this dead horse show? Simple: Because a handful of very wealthy individuals say we should. No other reason. They sight "Tradition." But tradition does not make for a good business model.

Which brings us to the issue of the Kemper Arena. With the Foutch Brothers Youth Sports complex out, it seems the Billionaires have won. So they see clear sailing for their NEW American Royal Arena Plan.

To that, I would say: "Not So Fast."

For the Mariner Kemper/Neil Patterson plan to work, Kansas City must cough up an estimated $50 Million -- in reality, probably more -- to raze the old Kemper Arena and build a NEW American Royal Arena and facility. And if Kansas City doesn't give in, the Billionaires say they're going to take their ball and go elsewhere. GOOD. LET THEM.

We, the taxpayers, are still holding $20+ Million in debt for the last Kemper renovation and new parking structure. That brings the REAL PRICE of the New American Royal Arena Plan TO OVER $70 Million. PLUS, the current American Royal facility has Hale Arena, plenty large for the handfuls 1%-ers who show up for the Equestrian events. Sprint Center is perfect for The American Royal Rodeo. And if they need to move the Barbeque Contest, move it. The Legends would be the perfect venue anyway.

So I offer this Modest Proposal: GIVE the Kemper Arena to the American Royal. Free and Clear. And the City will even eat the $20+ Million we still owe on it. It then becomes the Royal Billionaires' to do with as they please. Perfect.

BUT IN RETURN, the Citizen's of Kansas City WILL NOT PUT ANOTHER SINGLE DOLLAR INTO THIS FIASCO. Let Mr Kemper and Mr Patterson and all their cronies build whatever they want -- BUT WITH 100% PRIVATE FUNDS. Let them raise the money. Every Nickel. And BE GRATEFUL FOR THE GIFT the Citizens of Kansas City have bestowed upon them.

BOTTOM LINE: IT'S TIME FOR KANSAS CITY TO GROW A PAIR, and offer a resounding NO to Mr Kemper's and Mr Patterson's arrogance and civic insanity. And call them out for what they are in this case:



  1. Dear Bill Jr., It's over. Your emotional appeal lost under the scrutiny of looking at actual numbers. The Foutch plan was insane to begin with. You are a 1%er too. Why do you hate rich people? Do you hate yourself?

  2. Patterson doesn't know how to spend anything other than public money. I hope he doesn't let the door hit his ego on the way out.

  3. You fucking idiots don't know, nor understand, any of this financial business and should stay the fuck out of it.

    1. Trust the guy who swears

  4. Who is Bill Jr? If you think this person is the author, he's not.

  5. Actually, it makes very good business sense. Contrary to Civic Council propaganda, the Royal has very little economic impact on the City. Other than a continued drain of tax dollars. And more if the Billionaire Boys Club gets their way.

  6. So much for the big Republicans who think government should get out of the way of private enterprise. The truth is that these buys are a bunch of greedy corporate welfare recipients with their hands out ALL OF THE TIME, this time to fund their snooty entertainment venue. Next, it will be public money for their private country clubs. FUCK THEM!! They can build their own venue for the horse shows. Strong letter to follow.

  7. Actually, it makes very good business sense. Contrary to Civic Council propaganda, the Royal has very little economic impact on the City. Other than a continued drain of tax dollars. And more if the Billionaire Boys Club gets their way.

    I'd let them take it to Kansas, and extort them for STAR Bonds. And use the Royal complex as a technology innovation center, sell the Kemper off to a Mega Church and be done with it.

  8. This city can't fix the sewers or the potholes. Why pour more money down this fucking black hole just to make some spoiled fucking rich guys happy. Guess it gives their wives something to do while they're fucking their secretaries.

  9. 501 sounds like Mensa boy without the hurf durf.

    Why whould Leona Helmsley's "little people" be concerned about where their tax dollars are spent? Because Leona was right. It's the little people who pay taxes.

  10. I a new Denizen. Should I hate the Royal as well?

  11. +1 and EXCELLENT. Nice work to the commenter, thank you for posting TKC.

  12. time for Sly and the gang to come up with around another $30 million in public money to subsidize yet another toy for the insider swells.
    And that's not counting paying off the current bonds, tearing Kemper down, and all the other costs that will somehow make appearances.
    By the way, if you've been living next to an abandoned derelict dump for decades and it's ruining your neighborhood, the city has a tight budget and can't help.
    It never changes.

  13. Nah, it's their administrative assistants who wear $3,000 suits. Boss doesn't wear that off-the-rack shit. Have you any idea what Saville Row tailors charge these days?

  14. Merry Christmas Mariner!

    Now go buy yourself a facelift.

  15. This diatribe has the exact same language to it that is posted on comments on the KC Biz Journal website by Joe Vaughan. Who besides authoring a book on the history of KCK, seems to have no real bearing in this situation. If he doesn't know the AR Rodeo hasn't been held in the Sprint Center since 2011 I don't think he knows much about the current status of American Royal events or the debate over Kemper (other than the emotional reaction that "rich people are bad").

  16. Rich People Aren't Bad. Not all anyway.

    There are, however, the arrogant rich who believe that as they have made millions (or billions) building a company, or inheriting one as the case with Mr Kemper, they are somehow experts on everything. And that their opinions count more than others.

    The Royal is a dinosaur. No one gives a shit -- except for the rich wives playing cowgirl or British equestrian. Or pushing their kids into it.

    It really makes sense to let these "Royal Supporters" grab their wallets, rather than giving into their spoiled sense of entitlement.

  17. Neil Patterson is worth of $1.2 Billion. If he really believes in this, and wants to "leave a legacy for future generations" (as he has said), we're talking less that 3% of his net worth. Let him write the check. Or just scape the change out of his couch. That should cover it.

  18. Yeah, the city funding this American Royal thing just for a relative few people in this city (who happen to have FAR more money than just about everyone in this city) is a horrible idea of epic proportions.

    Like I've said about the downtown hotel, if it's such a good idea then why won't these millionaires/billionaires, build it themselves?

    Personally, I haven't been to the American Royal in a couple decades. I barely ever even know when it's going on. I hear about the BBQ which is nice and should continue to be in our community. But spending 10s of millions of dollars of tax payer dollars, (money that is badly needed elsewhere in this city) just so a few millionaires/billionaires, can have a new toy is beyond ridiculous. This isn't "tradition". This is bullying. "If you don't buy us a $50 million dollar building we're going to leave". How is that anything short of bullying and extortion.

    Instead of bending over to help rich people make their ends meet, how about we do something to help normal, every day, lower and middle class folks get by a little easier?

    By the way, I don't even think these rich people who want this even live in Kansas City proper. So how the hell do they think they can tell us, bully us, and extort us Kansas Citians into just giving them 10s of millions of dollars? It's ridiculous. My taxes will continue to go up and make things more difficult for my family while they continue to live high on the hog and go about their daily lives without issue while cashing free checks paid by tax payers with FAR fewer means. Unbelievable.

  19. If you haven't been to the American Royal in 20 years why would you claim it is a "rich man's toy?" Go down there today and see the barns full of cattle and the families that raise them for showing. Tell them how irrelevant the American Royal Livestock Show is. I had trouble getting to my West Bottoms business this morning with all the cattle trailer traffic and cowboys/cowgirls moving in for the show. The American Royal isn't what it was 50 years ago, but it is still a big deal and those people spend money here (including my business). Just because you don't know anyone who is from a farm background doesn't mean it isn't happening. Get out of JOCO for a while and see for yourself. Warning - it will smell like "money".

  20. Don't let anyone involved with Sporting KC anywhere near another city facility. They are draining the city coffers now with the Soccer Village. They are bullys and need to stop. We need sewers, street repairs and infrastructure not bullshit.

  21. Hey 2:52
    Don't they have county & state fairs to hand out blue ribbons for your pigs, cows, et al? Not to mention the 4-H Clubs?
    I'm sure folk in the DOG SHOW biz could make your same argument.
    Yeah make sure to check those out next year, with the SIX other people in attendance.

  22. Building an American Royal-primary use building is INSANITY! Big-money interests are asking the city to provide the money for a facility that will be in use - at BEST - 25-35% of the year!


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