Monday, August 04, 2014

Stacey And The Monday Midday Link Pool

Stacey Poole captures our attention with this patriotic Monday NSFW bikini hottie photo set . . .

- The Kansas City Plaza Controversy Continues: Police still confronting issue of teens on Plaza past curfew, starting fights

- JoCo Winning Streak Might Continue: Eilert leads fundraising in race for Johnson County chair

- Golden Ghetto Wild Life: Bobcat attack caught on camera in Shawnee

- Sunflower State Refund: Kansas Medicaid Fraud Unit Recovers Nearly $29 Million

- Kansas City Music Scene Winning: Drumroll please: Announcing your 18th Annual Pitch Music Awards winners

- Downtown KC Renaissance: Museum paints picture of grand KC cultural district

- Kansas City Artsy Controversy: KCAI President Announces Retirement, Effective Today

And this is the OPEN THREAD for Monday . . .


Anonymous said...

The issue is not "teens" on the Plaza, starting fights, etc. It's "niggers" on the Plaza, starting fights, etc.

Eat A Sack Of Cocks, Sly said...

The Open Carry Ban has already fixed all the problems, right?

Anonymous said...

Highweeds Plaza Property Manager, Glenn Stephenson claim that Plaza is safe unless you are a coward.

Moron is in denial.

Anonymous said...

I'm out, bros. This blog sucks.

Anonymous said...

That bobcat was on that rabbit like TKC on Candice Swanepoel!!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. Looks like Thumper went to meet Buddha.

Little kids gonna see that on teevee and figure no more Easter bunny. They will suffer post-traumatic shock syndrome. Better give them Ritalin.

What are the teevee guys gonna do next to juice up their ratings? I know! Let's waterboard Santa Claus!

Anonymous said...

do your boobs hang low
do they wobble to and fro
can you tie them in a knot
can you tie them in a bow
can you throw 'em over your shoulder
like a continental soldier
do your boobs hang low