Thursday, August 14, 2014

¡Kansas City Says Sayonara To SungWoo!

KMBC reports the end of an international junket worthy of a tacitly racist 80s John Hughes' movie character: Royals 'super fan' SungWoo Lee leaves KC, heads home

Kudos to the one guy @ The K who asked the very polite KC visitor about the whereabouts of his automobile.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the guy isn't Chinese or he would have bought up the Plaza and opened the world largest Asian buffet.

Anonymous said...

So long, Oolong. Sorry about the feral negroes and slack-jawed meth-heads.

Anonymous said...

Shit, I wouldn't have minded that one bit... KC has exactly ZERO good Chinese buffets.

Fat fucks must make them unprofitable if the ingredients are a notch or two above dog food (i.e. that place on 39th st).